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Founders Day

Each February, we proudly acknowledge the wonderful character and contribution of the founders of Haileybury. City campus celebrated this annual event by being Learners for Life through a focus on history in our Middle School and Junior School Assemblies.

Russell Davidson, Director of Development and Alumni Relations and an Old Haileyburian, entertained us with stories about his days at Haileybury. He talked about chalk boards and life before laptops! His most important messages were, “Once a Haileyburian, always a Haileyburian,” and secondly, to work hard and follow your dreams, which inspired all our students.

Catherine MacNamara and Brent Ritchie shared the School’s history from 1892 to 2023 and our Middle School captains explained how our goals help us to aspire to develop strength of character and to be the author of our own story. Jacqueline Spanos wrote a poem about Haileybury’s history, which was illustrated and performed by Year 1.

As Head of Campus, I shared the very proud history of City campus and acknowledged the enormous contribution and commitment by past Haileybury Council Chairman Tom Poulton and CEO | Principal Derek Scott. We then enjoyed a Caramello koala to remember the importance of growing kind hearts and sharp minds — something all our founders have demonstrated through the past 132 years. Happy Founders Day to Haileybury!

Early Learning Centre

Welcome to the ELC

We have started the new year with smiling faces, new friends and a sense of belonging within the ELC. The principle of ‘belonging’ within our Early Years Framework is of huge importance, as children ease into a new year and new routines.

As Reception children settle into their learning environment, morning routines have provided opportunities for them to develop their skills in independence. Children have shown great pride when carrying their own school bag and placing these into their locker each morning. Family photos on each locker and located throughout the room provide a sense of connection and belonging for children.

Pre-Preps have welcomed back old friends and met some new friends. Our Pre-Prep children continue to develop a sense of belonging as they learn more about their peers, establish and strengthen new and existing friendships, and engage with the environment around them.

Social Thinking Information Session with Julie Liptak

We invite all parents to attend the upcoming Social Thinking Informative Session with Julie Liptak on Friday, 23 February. The session will introduce elements of our Social Thinking framework and language to children through group time. Please look for more information via the myHaileybury app.

Junior School

A strong start to 2024

The Prep to Year 4 students at Haileybury City kicked off the academic year with incredible energy and enthusiasm, setting the tone for a promising learning journey. In their approach to the first day and beyond, they have demonstrated a commendable commitment to their sustrained classroom learning behavious and new routines, and have embraced new classmates and teachers with great zeal. Our School's Respectful Relationships Pillars have also been emulated in all parts of Junior School life, as we CARE, LEARN and PLAY together.

Countless clubs!

With a new year comes many opportunities to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities before and after school. For City students, our clubs sprawl throughout our vertical building, allowing all to explore diverse interests, foster teamwork, and develop valuable skills beyond the classroom, contributing to a well-rounded and enriching educational journey. Sign-up links for each program, as well as additional information, can be found on the myHaileybury app.

Junior School Dance
Monday afternoons
City Speedsters
Tuesday mornings
Chess Club
Tuesday afternoons
Wednesday mornings
Wednesday afternoons
Thursday afternoons
Friday mornings

Sun Safety

In Term 1, Junior School students are required to wear their full summer uniform to and from school, including their school hat. They must also bring their Haileybury sun hat and water bottle each day. Please ensure your child applies sunscreen before school when the UV level is 3 and above. Now is a good time to try to introduce new routines that see students packing their own lunchboxes and school bags and setting out their uniforms for the next day. It is important that they take ownership of this process to feel excited and at ease.

Emotional Regulation Incursion – Years 1 and 3

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming visit of esteemed speech pathologist, Julie Liptak, to Haileybury City, where she will facilitate a transformative emotional regulation incursion for our Year 1 and Year 3 students. This invaluable opportunity aims to guide our students in developing a greater understanding of emotional regulation, offering essential strategies for utilising the Zones of Regulation. This initiative stands as a cornerstone of our Wellbeing Program, emphasising the value it adds to our students’ holistic growth and emotional intelligence.

Middle School

A great start to the year

As we reflect on the first weeks of the school year, it is evident that our students have laid a solid foundation for a successful year ahead. It has been wonderful to witness students forming new connections with both their peers and teachers.

During the Induction Days, our students familiarised themselves with Haileybury platforms, navigated the digital sphere, understood their school goals, and collaborated on their Homeroom mission statements. Welcoming back familiar faces and extending a warm greeting to new members has truly made for an excellent start to the 2024 school year.

Middle School goals for 2024

Every year in our Middle Schools, we collectively work towards both BMS and GMS goals.

In the BMS, staff and students are focused on the theme of Strength of Character. Throughout the year, BMS students will unpack what it means to have strength of character, encompassing Haileybury’s Respectful Relationships pillars of empathy, respect, kindness, trust and honesty, and a commitment to being their best selves. It also acknowledges that strength of character means having a positive impact on others and the world around them.

For the GMS, the focus is You Are the Author of Your Own Story. Students will explore autonomy, self-determination, and responsibility for the decisions and actions that shape their journey. They will be encouraged to investigate what it means to embrace opportunities throughout their Middle School journey while developing skills such as resilience, exercising gratitude, and being active members of the community.

Year 8 Thrive incursion – The Showcase

Year 8 students participated in an innovative incursion called The Showcase. This provided students with the opportunity to work in teams, creating digital content related to themes matching their stage of development within the Thrive curriculum: leadership, communication and technology. The day aimed to engage students in a relevant and growing sector of the digital economy. Students thoroughly enjoyed presenting their ideas to their peers.

Caroline Merrick
Head of City

Haileybury Parents & Friends City (HPF City)

The Haileybury Parents & Friends (HPF) welcomes our new and returning City families to 2024.

Thank you all for making our new families feel welcome. From friendly smiles and introductions to playdates and picnics, all acts of kindness help strengthen our Haileybury community.

It was lovely to see so many parents connecting at the recent information sessions and at the Welcome Morning Tea. It was a beautiful morning, with a chance to connect with parents and enjoy a cuppa before starting our busy day.

Our key HPF City community building event this term is the HPF City Rooftop Party on Friday 15 March, 6.30 pm to – 8.30 pm. The invitation will be sent via the myHaileybury app. It is always a lovely evening under the stars, with great city views, a delicious dinner and a chance to get to know other City parents. Do not forget to make a note in your diary!

Finally, thank you to the parent volunteers who run our very popular Second-hand Uniform Shop. After a very successful 2023, the pop-up shop will be back on Thursday, 21 and Friday, 22 March. More details are available on the myHaileybury app. Together we are saving families money, reducing waste and raising funds for the School.

We hope you and your family had a wonderful summer and that the year of the dragon is prosperous for us all.

Melissa Fisher
President, Haileybury Parents & Friends City