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What fantastic news up in Darwin!

Sahasra Linga, our dux Proximus from 2023, visited me recently to share the news of her acceptance into Monash University’s Bachelor of Medical Science program for 2024. This is an impressive achievement and a fitting reward for her hard work and dedication throughout her academic journey at Haileybury Rendall School, and another example of our local Haileybury Territory students accessing all the tertiary opportunities of students from around Australia.

It is exciting that our HRS graduates can fulfil their dreams and some of Sahasra’s peers have recently entered university courses around Australia in medicine, engineering, commerce and law — to name a few.

Sahasra’s determination and commitment to excellence has undoubtedly paid off and she now aspires to eventually return to work in remote NT communities as a doctor. She has always found time to volunteer, and it is not surprising that in the future she wants to have a positive impact on society, especially in areas where medical resources and expertise may be scarce.

With a strong academic foundation, diligent preparation, and clear vision for her future, there is no doubt that Sahasra is well on her way to a successful career in medicine. She was delighted with the four years of education she received at HRS and was glowing in her praise of her teachers and the positive learning culture they helped embed. It is also wonderful to hear that, in 2024, she will be surrounded at Monash University by some of her peers from Haileybury who share her drive and ambition , further fostering a supportive environment and extension of our community.

We could not be prouder of her achievements and the positive impact she is bound to make in the medical field and beyond.

Well done, Sahasra!

Andrew McGregor
Principal, Haileybury Rendall School