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Haileybury Rendall School’s Boarding School of the Year set for bigger things

Our award-winning and unique boarding school is developing in many exciting ways.

Firstly, we are increasing our intake of students from Victoria and in Semester 1 of 2024 we will have had three Haileybury Year 9 girls from the Berwick campus living and learning with us in our boarding facility onsite in Darwin. Rebekah and Marley will continue after a successful Term 1, and we look forward to welcoming Pearl for Term 2.

Our second area of development is enlarging opportunities for international boarders from across south-east Asia, and in Term 1 we visited both Vietnam and China to expand our footprint and connections. A visit to the Haileybury, Tianjin school just south of Beijing was a highlight and we hope to organise student study tours between the schools in the near future.

Finally, our commitment to providing quality boarding and education for remote and very remote Indigenous students remains fundamental to the DNA of our school and we have continued to enhance our offering and facilities for all students.

Together, this makes our boarding school a truly unique Australian place to live and learn.

Andrew McGregor
Principal, Haileybury Rendall School