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Celebrating the Class of 2023

Friday, 20 October was a wonderful moment in the history of HRS as our sixth group of Year 12s graduated from our School. This year is special because many students who joined us in Year 7 in 2018 when we opened, completed Year 12 after six years wearing the magenta.

We enjoyed the traditional final Year 12 breakfast with staff and students and then moved to Dumabudla to hold the official Haileybury Rendall School Graduation Assembly for the Class of 2023.  

I feel a close affinity with this group of Year 12s. Most of us have worked and learned together for the past three years and I have also been lucky enough to teach Maths to many of the cohort. They have been a united cohort and have embraced the HRS culture and spirit. They have led the rest of the students by their example and their involvement and love of HRS.

Friday was a day to laugh and cry — a day to reflect with fondness and a day to look forward with excitement. Students, staff and parents did equal measures of both.

Who is the class of 2023? Here are some interesting statistics on the 42 students who graduated Year 12 today.

  • 18 students have been with us from the start, since 2018. Two of these students joined Kormilda in 2015 — Nelson and Vina are true pioneers!
  • Six students in 2018 decided to wait and check us out to see if we were the real deal and then joined us in 2019! Seven more students got on board in 2019 as Year 9 students. Another seven students came as Year 10s in 2021, and the final four joined HRS as Year 11s last year. We are proud that 12 Indigenous students have helped close the gap by graduating this year.

For those chasing ATARs, the VCE exams have commenced and all your teachers wish you well over the next four weeks or so. If you feel nervous, the best thing to do is another practice exam! Keep active and healthy and the time will pass quickly. Follow your teacher’s advice and seek help from them in your final preparation.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the unsung heroes of this occasion — the parents and guardians of our Year 12s. Without your love, guidance, patience, care, cooking and taxi-driving skills, these young people would not have achieved all that they have. Thank you to all our families and communities for your support and thanks for choosing HRS — it has been a privilege to work with your children.

I look forward to our final official event at the Valedictory Dinner on Friday, 17 November.

We are so proud of the entire Class of 2023. Go forward, don’t forget your connection to HRS, and be awesome.

Andrew McGregor
Principal, Haileybury Rendall School