Campus News

Generations’ Breakfast

Our recent Generations’ Breakfast for Old Haileyburians with children or grandchildren at Edrington was very well attended and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect over a delicious breakfast and coffee! Edrington is the school of choice for many Old Haileyburians and they send their children here to ensure they receive the education they value so much.

A highlight was hearing from a three-generation Haileybury family about their experiences and, while many things have changed over the years, the essence of who we are as a School remains strongly woven through the experiences of each generation.

Early Learning Centre

Taking Learning Outdoors

The ELC children have had another positive fortnight of making connections and enjoying the learning experiences on offer. Making the most of the warmer weather, we have relished opportunities to take our learning outdoors.

Children have been invited to take off their shoes and socks in the sandpit to enjoy the sensory benefits of barefoot play. The soles of our feet are some of the most nerve-rich parts of our bodies, so providing children with opportunities to experience this type of sensory input is a wonderful way to increase neural pathways, develop body awareness and balance, and connect to the natural world.

Encouraging children to engage in creative experiences is a focus throughout all ELC programs. Creative thinking allows children to turn their thoughts, feeling and ideas into something physical. It is a means of communication for some and a demonstration of their understanding of the world around them.

At times it is most easily identified through art exploration but it is by no means limited to this. Creativity in young children can be observed through the way they negotiate roles, create stories in their play and solve problems in their day-to-day lives. It is a skill they will call upon throughout their lives as they face new situations and challenges.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”
Albert Einstein

Junior School

Berwick Buddies

Berwick Buddies is a program that assists our Prep students with their transition into Junior School. Each Prep child is allocated a Year 4 Buddy who they can rely on to help them.

Our buddy program aims to:

  • Create an environment where children feel safe
  • Promote social relationships between the youngest and oldest children in Junior School
  • Develop empathy, social relationships and positive connections between students
  • Encourage children to actively care for and look out for other children.

Our Preps and Year 4s met for lunch in the first week and had a fabulous time together. They will meet for regular activities across the year.

Middle School

Enlighten and Man Cave

Helpdesk has resumed for all Middle School students. Helpdesk gives students the opportunity to seek assistance from staff with homework, revision or to help consolidate new skills and knowledge learned in class. Staff from different teaching areas work in each session to support students and we strongly encourage all Middle School students to make the most of this support.

Helpdesk is held in BMS 5 on Monday afternoons from 3.45 pm – 4.45 pm and BMS 5 on Thursday before school from 8.00 am – 8.30 am.

Our Year 8 girls participated in the Enlighten workshop that focuses on dealing with the challenges teenage girls face, positive self-talk and implementing strategies to help with social and academic stress. The girls had a fantastic time with our facilitator, Ms Nikki Davis, and left feeling empowered. We hope they continue to be Amazonian warriors throughout the year!

The Year 8 boys took part in a Man Cave workshop. The Man Cave program gives boys the critical emotional and social skills they need to thrive in their relationships, communities and lives. The boys focused on strengthening empathy, challenging stereotypes, acknowledging strengths in each other and having a better understanding of themselves.

We wish our Year 5 girls all the best as they embark on their first Middle School camp to Phillip Island this Wednesday.

Jeanette Rawlings

Head of Edrington (Berwick)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Edrington (HPFE)

Pancake Day is on the Way!

On Tuesday, 1 March, the HPFE will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday! We will have pancakes galore—a gluten free option is available—with delicious toppings to choose from. Pancakes will be available at $2 each from the Junior School Quad area. If you can come and flip pancakes for the kids please complete this form.

Our next HPFE meeting will be in the Pavilion on Friday, 11 March at 2.15 pm. Come along, get involved and enjoy catching up before school pick up!

Kind regards

Kerry Ilic

HPFE President