Opportunities to Connect

Over the past 12 years, Haileybury Foundation has made an extraordinary impact on many students’ lives. We love telling and sharing stories that illustrate the difference our donors are making and we do this frequently throughout the year, either in person or through our publications.

Below you’ll find our publication and event dates for 2022.

Foundation Publications

1 March: Foundation News (Summer)

15 March: Donor Impact Update (online)

30 March: Annual Impact Report

30 April: Foundation News (Autumn)

1 June: Benefactor updates

15 June: Donor Impact Update (online)

31 July: Foundation News (Winter)

15 August: Winged Heart Society News

13 September: Donor Impact Update (online)

30 October: Foundation News (Spring)

16 November: Donor Impact Update (online)

30 November: Benefactor videos.

Foundation Events

16–19 May: Benefactor Morning Tea (all campuses)

4 June (tbc): Gala event

9 June: CEO|Principal’s Luncheon

11 August: CEO|Principal’s Luncheon

17–20 October: Benefactor Morning Tea (all campuses)

20 October: Workplace Giving Drinks

15 November: Winged Heart Society Luncheon

Social Media

The Haileybury Foundation is now on socials. To keep updated on our activities, please follow us at:


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