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Donor Spotlight – Melanie Wong (OH 2015)

Ever since 2016, Melanie Wong (OH 2015) has made a heartfelt contribution to the Haileybury Foundation every year on her birthday. Her remarkable journey at Haileybury commenced in 2013, when she was awarded an academic scholarship to Haileybury for Year 10 onwards. She sees herself as incredibly fortunate to have received a scholarship and is determined to reciprocate the generosity of the institution that opened up so many opportunities and changed the course of her life. Melanie is committed to paying it forward, aspiring to one day repay the entirety of the scholarship she received.

Having transitioned from another school, Melanie was initially hesitant to pick up Japanese when she joined Haileybury in 2013. However, at the encouragement of the course counsellor and knowing that Haileybury had a strong and passionate languages department, Melanie decided to take up the challenge. Despite initially feeling behind, the unwavering support from her Year 10 Japanese teacher during a holiday break helped her bridge the gap, sparking her continued passion for the language both at Haileybury and beyond.

Thanks to the widespread commitment and dedication of her teachers, Melanie received an outstanding ATAR and consequently, a scholarship to Monash University, which opened doors to a myriad of opportunities. Feeling overwhelmed with choices, she sought advice from her Year 12 English teacher, who advised her to pursue her passions. Encouraged to follow her heart, she completed a Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Education at Monash University from 2016 to 2019. During that time, Melanie also pursued opportunities to broaden her horizons and explore her interests, such as completing an exchange program in Japan, and teaching placements overseas in the UAE. Remembering her roots, Melanie returned to Haileybury in the final year of her Secondary Education degree to complete her final placement round and was kindly given the opportunity to be mentored by her Year 11 Japanese teacher, who also happened to teach English.

Reflecting on her time at Haileybury, Melanie acknowledges the pivotal role played by the exceptional teachers who shaped her education and her career path. Their boundless compassion, commitment and expertise left an enduring mark. Melanie is now in her fifth year as a teacher at a government school and teaches the subjects that she developed a deep passion for at Haileybury: English, EAL, Japanese and Humanities. Drawing inspiration from her own background, she is committed to supporting students who may not have had the same privileges and opportunities she was granted. She is deeply thankful for having had the chance to attend Haileybury and learn from so many inspiring teachers.

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