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Celebrating our generous staff

Haileybury is distinguished by the high quality of its teachers and their exceptional pastoral care. Haileybury staff go beyond traditional teaching methods, leveraging the latest educational technologies and approaches to meet diverse learning styles and needs. Their dedication to each student’s success and to them reaching their full potential is evident through regular feedback and support.

Additionally, Haileybury places a strong focus on pastoral care and fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. Teachers play a crucial role in students’ personal and emotional development, offering guidance and support to help them navigate adolescence. The belonging and bonds formed between teachers, students and peers contribute significantly to the wellbeing and growth of our students.

Additionally, Haileybury staff are key in the success of Haileybury Foundation. Through Haileybury’s Workplace Giving program, staff donate a percentage of their monthly salary to the Haileybury Scholarship Fund. So far, over 100 staff have participated in this program with remarkable results. Two scholarships have been created thanks to the generosity of our staff.

Haileybury Foundation regularly provides donors with updates on student progress, and we were delighted to send videos of these two scholarship students to staff at a recent Workplace Giving event.

Faith Thumb

Faith Mapalo Kauseni

Foundation Scholarship

Eshara Thumb

Eshara GaJadeera Arachchige

Foundation Scholarship

Thank you

Donations to Haileybury Foundation continue to stream in. Our students are incredibly fortunate to be in receipt of such a high-quality education that would otherwise be out of their reach.

All gifts to Haileybury Foundation are tax deductible. Our donors are having enormous impact and we have been delighted with the involvement of our community — from past parents, alumni and staff to current parents and staff.

Donations can be made here.

Thank you.

Russell Davidson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

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