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The Stewart Bell Scholarship

Stewart Bell was a fine Haileybury teacher for 40 years. From 1981 to 2021, he was passionate about the Arts and, as Director of Performing Arts, he built an impressive curriculum and helped some well-known students towards a career in the industry.

During his tenure, Stewart delivered over 70 outstanding quality dramatic and musical performances as well as a number of Tattoos that saw over 1,000 student performers on stage.

Haileybury Foundation is pleased to announce the Stewart Bell Scholarship recipient will begin in Year 9 in Term 1A. The Scholarship recognises the recipient’s leadership, community engagement and Performing Arts involvement. It has been provided to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • Would not ordinarily be able to attend Haileybury based on their current financial situation
  • Is a positive contributor to the community in which he/she lives
  • Is an outstanding all-rounder, possessing excellent academic results and one or more talents in drama, music or dance
  • Possesses outstanding academic potential as evidenced by his/her most recent school reports.

One of the scholarship’s key benefactors is Dr Tim Sturrock (OH 1980), a true Haileyburian. Tim studied Medicine at Monash University and specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology.

His Year 12 captaincy of Rendall House echoed through his children, Sam (OH 2007), Sophie (OH 2009) and Ned (OH2013) who were all captains of Clements House. Tim is incredibly proud of his Haileybury three-generation heritage, and we are incredibly thankful for his generosity to Haileybury Foundation and for providing a life changing opportunity.

Thank you

Donations to Haileybury Foundation continue to stream in. Our students are incredibly fortunate to be in receipt of such a high-quality education that would otherwise be out of their reach.

All gifts to Haileybury Foundation are tax deductible. Our donors are having enormous impact and we have been delighted with the involvement of our community — from past parents, alumni and staff to current parents and staff.

Donations can be made here.

Thank you.

Russell Davidson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

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