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A year of gratitude

As the 2023 school year concludes and many of our students transition to their new school year via Term 1A, I am pleased to report that supporters of Haileybury Foundation have continued to create an enormous impact for our students.

Two students graduated at the end of 2023, and we look forward to following the journeys of Alicia and Vinith as they prepare for the next phase of their lives. I know they were thrilled to be provided with an incredible opportunity by their benefactors and they will commit to sharing their story and encouraging others to provide the life-changing opportunities they were afforded.

Sadly, amongst the joys of this year, we lost one of our School’s greatest supporters in Jim Pfeiffer (OH 1964). Jim was a prominent student at Haileybury from 1956 –1964 and was involved in many facets of School life. Jim served on the School Council from 1982 –2010 and he was particularly valued for his work in Finance and Governance. He had a significant involvement in the establishment of the Haileybury Foundation and was a Winged Heart Society member.

When the doors open in 2024, 32 students will commence or continue their Haileybury journey via a Haileybury Foundation Scholarship. This is a record number of Foundation Scholarship students and testament to the generosity and belief of our donors.

Two of our year 12 Foundation Scholarship students have secured significant leadership positions for the upcoming school year. Ryan, the beneficiary of a bequest scholarship in 2019, has been provided the opportunity to be our Senior Prefect at City while Eshara, the beneficiary of one of our Workplace Giving Scholarships, commences 2024 as a House Captain. It is a great joy to see these students making the most of their Haileybury education.

Our students are thriving, and our donors are making a significant difference. The impact is perhaps best summed up by Class of 1982 Scholarship recipient, Sol, who is almost at the age where he can secure part time work. He has decided to put aside a small portion of his weekly wage for the Foundation because he has seen firsthand the impact it has made on him.

Thank you to each and every one of you. Be safe during the festive season.

Thank you

Donations to Haileybury Foundation continue to stream in. Our students are incredibly fortunate to be in receipt of such a high-quality education that would otherwise be out of their reach.

All gifts to Haileybury Foundation are tax deductible. Our donors are having enormous impact and we have been delighted with the involvement of our community — from past parents, alumni and staff to current parents and staff.

Donations can be made here.

Thank you.

Russell Davidson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations

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