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1st Prize Young ICT Explorers National Finals

On Saturday, 17 February the Young ICT Explorers National Finals Competition took place via Zoom with Milana (Year 9) claiming 1st Prize in the Years 7 and 8 Division for ‘Purple’.

This is an incredible effort from a solo project aimed at developing a custom AI chatbot app addressing mental health issues among adolescents aged 12 –17 years old. The app not only offers users an anonymous experience but also ensures that all information provided is credible and sourced from reputable outlets like Beyond Blue. Milana delivered a nearly flawless presentation and demonstration, showcasing thorough preparation gained through participation in the DigiTech Explorers club.

Walk to Remember

The Jared Dunscombe Foundation was started in memory of Jared (OH 1999) after he was tragically killed whilst riding in a charity bike ride in 2013.

The Foundation was a way to continue Jared’s legacy of helping others in the community. Each year, the Foundation funds a major youth project as well as other smaller projects. The Foundation has funded several large projects within Victoria, even building a training centre in Kenya.

On Sunday, 25 February the Foundation’s annual Walk to Remember event was held at Cruden Farm. It was a wonderful morning of connection and reflection with many supporters coming together to walk the picturesque grounds of Cruden Farm. Live music, a coffee cart, cooked breakfast and bubble entertainment for the kids added to the fun, joy, positivity and connection of the morning. Many Haileybury families and staff joined in to help raise funds for JDF’s new major project for 2024 supporting Feel the Magic.

JDF’s project will fund two Victorian Family Day Camps, face to face training for new volunteer mentors, the creation of brand new Feel the Magic resources to be used at all Victorian camps and an end of year community event for the families and volunteers. This project will assist 100+ families to enter the Feel the Magic community in Victoria and introduce the Let’s Talk Suicide program for the very first time in Victoria. The aim is to ensure that grieving kids and their families feel supported, empowered, and learn strategies to cope with and move forward with their lives following the loss of a parent, guardian or sibling.

Early Learning Centre

The ELC is buzzing with excitement

Wonderings in the ELC have focused on the noticeable changes in our environment. As the seasons change, rich and authentic opportunities for learning are presented and our ELC children are always ready to question and explore.

Children have engaged in an environmental walk around the campus during physical education classes. During this time, children noticed plants and insects in their surroundings and the spotting of bees particularly brought great joy.

Bees sting things if they are in danger. I have bees in my house.Jayden (Pre-Prep T)

They get honey from the flower and then they bring the honey to the beehive. They start making honey.Alitheia (Pre-Prep T)

I know they go into the beehive and get the honey off the beehive.Louis (Pre-Prep T)

They make honey out of flowers.Jesse (Reception C)

If I find honey, I eat all the honey.Timmi (Reception C)

We look forward to continuing this area of interest and engaging with our Haileybury hives and the wonderful teachers who support this important project throughout Newlands.

Buddy Program

The Biggest Play Date was a wonderful opportunity to commence our Buddy Program. We recently welcomed the Year 3 students into ELC to engage in play and make connections with our Pre-Prep children. Next year, these Year 3 students will be our Year 4 leaders and a known and friendly face for our 2025 Prep students, assisting with their transition into the Junior School. We look forward to continuing to foster these connections throughout the year.

Junior School

Year 4 Camp – The Portsea Camp

Anticipation is running high among the Year 4 students as they eagerly await the upcoming Portsea Camp.

This camp promises an unforgettable array of activities and adventures, ensuring three days filled with excitement and camaraderie. From the moment they arrive, students will be immersed in a whirlwind of beachside fun, with games, the thrill of raft building and the creativity of sandcastle sculpting awaiting them. However, the excitement does not stop there. They will have the chance to push their limits and conquer their fears through exhilarating challenges such as the flying fox, navigating the high ropes course, and experiencing the rush of the giant swing.

With activities designed to foster teamwork, resilience and personal growth, the Portsea Camp promises to be an enriching journey that will leave a lasting impression on the Year 4 students.

Early Bird Reading

All Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students are invited to come and read with Middle and Senior School student mentors in the Junior School Prep and Year 1 Quad from 8.10 am to 8.30 am, every Tuesday. Please bring your home reader and your diary.

Smart Watches

In our ongoing effort to maintain a conducive learning environment, I want to address the increasing presence of certain technological devices within the school premises. Among these, the ‘smart watch’ has emerged as a particular cause for concern in the Junior School, due to its potential to disrupt the educational process.

Smart watch capability, while convenient in other contexts, can prove detrimental to the focused atmosphere necessary for effective learning. Considering this, Junior School students will no longer be permitted to wear smart watches during school hours: 8.30 am – 3.30 pm.

We kindly request your cooperation in ensuring that your child adheres to the School’s expectations regarding this matter.

Middle School

Burn Bright Incursion

Year 8 students participated in a full day Wellbeing incursion, ‘It’s in Our DNA’.

The main outcomes for this program are:

  • Build and encourage connections and friendship within year groups, to feel a greater sense of belonging.
  • Find purpose and identity in the things you enjoy doing or are passionate about.
  • Understand that we change and grow and it’s ok for your passions to change and grow as well.
  • Help to build a sense of identity and capacity to be resilient.
  • Appreciate our own strengths, appreciate diversity and celebrate difference.
  • Understand and display empathy and selflessness.
  • Identify and apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques.
  • Recognise that stronger relationships equal stronger performance.

Year 7 Camp – Jungai

On Tuesday, 19 March Year 7 students will embrace camp life and a unique opportunity for self-discovery. Located in Rubicon Valley, camp Jungai has strong ties to nearby communities and a long-running relationship with local Indigenous leaders who provide invaluable insights into the land and its first nations people.

Students will partake in a range of challenging, hands-on experiences, including raft building, hiking, orienteering and indigenous cultural sessions. This Outdoor Education program also has a sustainability focus, encouraging students to have a better understanding of both them and their place in the world around them.

Our Year 7 students will be challenged to work collaboratively as a team, assisting each other to complete physical activities, in addition to setting up their tents and hiking backpacks.

We look forward to embarking on a wonderful outdoor experience.

Hugo Engele

Head of Newlands (Keysborough)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Keysborough (HPFK)

Year 5 Bowling Night

Year 5 Bowling Night – Friday, 22 March

Tickets for the Year 5 Bowling Night are now available. Tickets are $36 per child which includes 45 minutes of bowling, 20 minutes of unlimited game play, $10 arcade credit, pizza, softs drinks and/or juice. The evening commences at 6.00 pm with bowling starting at approximately 6.15 pm.

We ask that you only book for your child in Year 5 as numbers are limited. Adults and siblings attend free of charge and may purchase food and beverages from the venue.

Ticket sales close at 6.00 pm on Monday, 11 March.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Lenice Norris
President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Keysborough