Old Haileyburians Association

In Loving Memory - Vale Rev Graeme Kelvin Charles Kerr

The Old Haileyburians’ Association was saddened to learn of the passing of Rev Graeme Kerr on Wednesday, 9 February. As Haileybury’s Senior Chaplain, Graeme played a central role in the spiritual and ceremonial life of the School.

His leadership at Assemblies, Chapel Services and in the teaching of Religious Studies from 1976 to 2000 was outstanding and emphasised his dedication and long-term commitment to Haileybury. He presided over many weddings of former students in the Bradshaw Chapel.

Graeme was devoted to caring for the individual needs of students and staff. Known affectionately to all as ‘the Vicar’, he provided an empathetic ear and a guiding hand to those who needed comfort and support in difficult times and he shared their joy in times of celebration.

His pastoral care extended to life outside the classroom, and he was an enthusiastic and accomplished coach—especially in football and athletics. His support for the School Drama and Music programs and the OHA were further examples of his dedication to the Haileybury community. Graeme’s involvement in the Chalkdusters singers was always regarded as one of the highlights of the biannual Tattoos.

Graeme is survived by his wife, June, his daughter, Kymberley, and sons Marcus (OH 90) and Nicolas (OH 95) and their families.

Hayley Denny

Development & Alumni Manager