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Old Haileyburians Association

OHA Generations Breakfast in Brighton

On Friday, 5 May we celebrated the OHA Generations Breakfast at the Brighton campus. Families were treated to a delicious breakfast and a family portrait caricature. We also heard from current parent and OHA Council member, Clayton Ford (OH 1991), who compared his Haileybury experience to that of his children.

It was wonderful to see grandparents, parents, students and staff celebrating their history at Haileybury together and reminding us of the special bond we share as part of the Haileybury community. We even had first, second and third OHA generations attend!

We look forward to next the OHA Generations Breakfast at the City campus on Thursday, 27 July 2023.

Haileybury Careers Future Ready Festival

Thank you to OHA, Jithma Beneragama (OH 1994), Sahil Bhatia (OH 2019), Dr Krish Chaudhuri (OH 1999), Kellie Eadie (OH 2009), Jared Hopping (OH 2007) and Hayden Molnar (OH 1994) who so willingly embraced the opportunity to be part of the recent Haileybury Careers Future Ready Festival.

Our students interacted with industry experts, representatives from OHA and tertiary institutions and the event aimed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive world. We hope our students draw inspiration from the event and are open to new opportunities in the future.

Please reach out to Kylie Phillips via email if you would like to be involved in OHA Week and share your skills or knowledge with our Pre-Senior students on Tuesday, 22 August at the Keysborough campus.

We look forward to bringing to life the value of the alumni network for our students!

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Kylie Phillips

Development Office Operations Lead