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Pangea Pathways

Haileybury Pangea is designed for self-motivated learners who thrive in an environment where they can make choices about their learning, and pursue their passions and interests.

Now that our students have adapted to the learning environment at Haileybury Pangea and developed effective routines for managing their learning, we are excited to introduce self-paced courses in Years 5–9 that span Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship and Physical Education. They allow students choice and challenge in how they meet the key learning outcomes, while ensuring they develop core skills and knowledge in each discipline.

Each Pangea Pathways course is designed to be completed over a term. As they move through the course, students undertake structured self-paced learning activities, building towards a final product or project to demonstrate their understanding.

Throughout the term, students are supported by their tutors in managing their coursework and collaborating with each other. We are excited to see our students take on this new challenge.

Year 10 careers  

This term, our Year 10 students will be able to explore their interests and passions as they begin to plan their future study and career pathways. Students will undertake the Morrisby Profiling assessment — a tool that can provide a personalised snapshot of their key strengths and areas of interest.

Students then meet with a member of the Haileybury Careers team to discuss their profile and their intended pathways through VCE and beyond. We encourage all Year 10 students to make the most of this opportunity.

Joanna Baker
Head of Campus