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Campus News

Welcome to Term 1A 

On Monday, 13 November we commenced Term 1A for students stepping up to Years 8–12 in 2024. This was an opportunity for students to settle into their academic classes for 2024 and gain a solid grounding in their new courses.

Our first day of Term 1A was a special Transition Day when we welcomed students new to the school and set the tone for the year ahead. Students took part in sessions about academic expectations and skills, student leadership, effective routines and more. Students also explored the co-curricular options available through our Curious Minds program.

We thank Natasha Eshuis, Geoff Orton, Merinda Bermingham, Melissa Allen, Damien Meunier and our Pangea tutors for leading these sessions throughout the day. We also extend our gratitude to our 2023 graduates who were involved in the day, and who passed on their advice and guidance to students.

VCE examinations  

On Friday, 10 November Pangea students completed their last VCE examination for 2023. We congratulate our students undertaking a Units 3 and 4 course for their fortitude and focus.

We also express our sincere gratitude to all our Units 3 and 4 teachers for their generous and unwavering support of students throughout this year. It has been a unique challenge for students and teachers to undertake Units 3 and 4 courses in a new learning model and they have consistently risen to the occasion in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Joanna Baker
Head of Campus