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Congratulations, celebrations and Graduation

The Haileybury College class of 2023 has officially graduated.

It is always an exciting and very emotional time of the year for our Year 12s as they gather for a series of formal and informal events to celebrate the culmination of their schooling. Friday was the last time the entire cohort were together as they attended their final Senior School Assembly.

Afterwards, they enjoyed food trucks provided by the Old Haileyburians Association and then returned to Aikman Hall to present their own Year 12 Review — a wonderful combination of onstage performances and amusing video anecdotes and farewells.

On Monday (Haileybury College) and Tuesday (Haileybury Girls College) were fondly farewelled by their Houses, led by their Heads of House, in gatherings that are always very moving.

The Haileybury College assembly, after the awarding of the House shields, was an opportunity for their outstanding school captain, Sam, to deliver his final speech to Years 10–12, with the Haileybury Girls College school captain, Neeraja, reducing her peers to tears in her emotional speech to the Senior School.

The event ended with the ceremonial laying of the flag, a symbol of the end of the Year 12 cohort’s time at the School. It is ready to be unfurled by the incoming 2024 student leaders.

Students then enjoyed lunch before hearing from the peers and staff they had nominated. This concluded the more informal part of the day.

The evening saw the students officially graduate, proudly walking across the stage to the applause of their teachers and loved ones who have been such a pivotal part of their academic journey. The Valedictory Dinner held at Crown Palladium was a fitting farewell to this outstanding group.

For the next few weeks, the students will be undertaking their final exams. We wish them all the best and thank the class of 2023 for their service to the School.

Need support during examinations?

All students in Senior School have had examinations and our Units 3 and 4 students will continue to sit exams in the coming weeks. I encourage all families to do everything they can to support their children during this time.

While examinations will be a normal part of our students’ lives for the foreseeable future, VCE examinations can become all-consuming for the young people in our care. A degree of encouragement from parents is always useful in helping students prepare for examinations; however, it is also important to balance this with the message that families will support them if things do not go as planned.

If you have any concerns about your child during or post the examination period, please contact their relevant Head of Pre-Senior or Head of House to discuss the supports that Haileybury can offer.

Meet our 2024 School Leaders

The Year 12 leaders for the 2024 school year were announced last Friday. The process used to elect our school leaders is a democratic one with students and staff voting for those students they believe to be worthiest to lead Haileybury. I am constantly amazed at just how seriously our students take this power to vote and I am equally impressed that they make such good choices — year in and year out.

I know that Anna Wassell (Acting Head of Senior Girls) and Graham Leys (Head of Senior Boys) are very pleased with the group of School Captains, Senior Prefects, House Captains, Prefects and House Vice Captains elected to these positions for 2024. We cannot wait to begin working with this team of student leaders to make next year as good as 2023.

I have listed students elected to School Captain, School Vice-Captain, School Sport Captain, Senior Prefect, Prefect, and House Leader positions below.

Sanvi Arora, School Captain
Frederick Arnhold, School Captain

2024 Haileybury student leadership team

Haileybury College Haileybury Girls College
School Captain - Frederick Arnhold
School Captain - Sanvi Arora
Vice-Captain - Locklyn Luu
Vice-Captain - Emma Morris
Vice-Captain - Tian Xie
Vice-Captain - Tilly Thomas
Sports Captain - Ziggy Nosiara
Sports Captain - Isabella Stewart
Senior Prefect Berwick - Thomas Bailey
Senior Prefect Berwick - Mehar Saroya
Senior Prefect Brighton - Peter Vossos
Senior Prefect Brighton - Kate O'Dwyer
Senior Prefect City - Ryan Zhang
Senior Prefect City - Chloe Fink
Senior Prefect Keysborough - Thomas Gale
Senior Prefect Keysborough - Nina Cummins
Prefect - Jacob Cassidy
Prefect - Eve Astbury
Prefect - Christian Lam
Prefect - Melissa Nguyen
Prefect - Sicheng Chen
Prefect - Emily Bannon
Prefect - Oliver Letham
Prefect - Abigail Nguyen
Prefect - Arkin Daniel-Reid
Prefect - Grace Clemens
Prefect - Jack Lewis
Prefect - Melisha Rajasinghe
Prefect - Krish Gupta
Prefect - Lucy Gibson
Prefect - William Main
Prefect - Methaya Subasinghe
Prefect - Jack Harrop
Prefect - Eliza Goodwin
Prefect - Karshin Sachdeva
Prefect - Jessica Wang
Prefect - Owen Kelly
Prefect - Thivyaa Mahendran
Prefect - Jaeden Vaithianathan
Prefect - Jing Ru Zhang
Prefect - James Byrom

2024 Haileybury College House Leadership

House Captain Vice-Captain
Aikman House
Vivashh Maheswaran
Frederick Nelson, Jasper Russell
Berthon House
Santhosh Prakash
Ricky Jin, Harishan Rajiv
Bradshaw House
Maheet Gone
Hewson Li, Christopher Nguyen
Castlefield House
Zaviar Boyd
Max McTier, Mahesh Namasivayam
Dickinson House
Flynn Gregor
Nathaniel Law, Anthony Simonelli
King House
Michael Bambino
Sanyam Jain, Ali Tahir
Pargetter House
James Paitaridis
Ari Prokupets, Charlie Wigney
Rendall House
Mitchell Saarinsen
Hugo McGovern, Jasper Waring
Sholto Black House
Lavina Silva
Thesara Hirimuthugoda, Ethan Zhu

2024 Haileybury Girls College House Leadership

House Captain Vice-Captain
Cuddihy House
Maya Haste
Ella Croxall, Isabelle Nazaretian
Douglas House
Kriyasakthi Gounden
Teleetha Fernando, Yamna Maqsudi
Edrington House
Kavya Senthil Kumar
Thusanda Dassanayake, Erin Dowsett
Flagstaff House
Isabella Lane
Stephanie Singh, Zoe Vom
Jackson House
Eshara Gajadeera Arachchige
Belinda Romero, Jingxi Soo
Lyons House
Neve Scammell
Olivia Lowe, Sophia McDonald
Simpson House
Susannah Carrillo De Albornoz
Darci Donahoo, Poppy Murdoch

Congratulations to all elected students.

Dr Nicholas Grigsby

Deputy Principal
Head of Senior Schools