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Sport Report

Triumph at the Athletics Victoria State Championships

Kudos to the 18 athletes who participated in over 15 different events during the recent Athletics Victoria State Championships. The competition showcased top-tier performance, with Haileybury athletes representing their clubs admirably, securing spots in 21 Finals and clinching 9 Gold medals, one Silver, and one Bronze.

Gold Medallists
Matty (Year 9)
U16: 100m Hurdles, 200m Hurdles, 200m, 400m
Julia (Year 9)
U17: 200m
Jazmin (Year 10)
U17: Shot Put, Discus
Dorothy (Year 11)
U17: High Jump, Open: High Jump
Silver Medallists
Matty (Year 9)
U16: Long Jump
Bronze Medallists
Jett (Year 9)
U16: 1500m

Congratulations to all athletes who competed, many achieving personal bests:

Boys - Henry (Year 9), Will (Year 9), Brodie (Year 11), Sajan (Year 9), Jett (Year 9), Harry (Year 7), Matty (Year 9), Archie (Year 10), Charlie (Year 12), Suvan (Year 9)

Girls - Ruby (Year 7), Priya (Year 9), Dorothy (Year 11), Jazmin (Year 10), Sura (Year 8), Amelia (Year 12), Grace (Year 12), Julia (Year 9)

A significant number of these outstanding athletes have earned selection and qualified for the upcoming National Championships in Adelaide, mid-April. We extend our heartfelt wishes for their success in the upcoming event and commend their dedication to preparation.