Haileybury provides its students with an abundance of international travel experiences that have been designed to further enhance their development as a complete person. International trips are designed around a number of experiences such as academic, social justice, musical, cultural, historical and sporting purposes.

As well as travel experiences Haileybury also has strong partnerships with many schools around the world.

In 2013 Haileybury opened its first international campus just outside of Beijing, China.

Haileybury deliivers International Early Learning, K-10 English and Senior programs. Click here, for more details about our partnerships model.

  • 1. Melbourne


    Haileybury is one of the leading independent schools in Australia with four Melbourne campuses located in Keysborough, Brighton, Berwick and Melbourne (City). The School is acclaimed for its outstanding academic achievements, small class sizes, broad range of co-curricular activities, and state-of-the-art facilities. From the Early Learning Centre to the Senior School, learning is student-centred and based on the different learning styles of students, and on their gender, age, interests and potential.

  • 2. Darwin


    Haileybury Rendall School opened in January 2018, bringing world-class education to Darwin.  Haileybury Kormilda Boarding for Aboriginal students will remain a key part of the new operations. The School is wholly owned by Haileybury Melbourne and operates as its own entity with fees and an education program tailored to the Darwin market. The Education Program is aligned with the Haileybury Melbourne program, operating classes from Early Learning through to Year 12.

  • 3. Beijing


    The Haileybury International School is located in Wuqing just outside of Beijing China. This is Haileybury’s first international campus following its success in the running of the VCE in China Program. Haileybury Beijing currently offers classes for students in Years 7–11. As the facilities continue to expand so will the year levels offered. At the completion of the building works the School will be able to hold 1,200 students from Prep–Year 12. Haileybury students from Melbourne have the opportunity to spend time at the Beijing campus.

  • 4. Guangzhou


    Meisha Academy by Haileybury is a partnership between Meisha Education, a member of the Vanke Group, and Haileybury.  Our vision is “One Child One World”. Our mission is seeking to bring together the best of Chinese and western educational philosophies to cultivate a new generation of citizens with a global vision. Meisha Academy by Haileybury is committed to establishing a world famous international school brand among Chinese private schools, by providing Australian elite high school curriculum. 梅沙黑利伯瑞书院由万科集团企业成员梅沙教育与澳洲黑利伯瑞学校合作设立,坚持“一个孩子,一个世界”的教育思想,以“学贯中西,胸怀世界”为育人目标。通过实施澳式精英高中课程,梅沙黑利伯瑞书院将致力于创办“中国一流,世界知名”的国际化高端民办教育名牌。

  • 5. China


    Haileybury has pioneered the VCE in China. The VCE is delivered in selected schools in Qingdao, Chengdu, Ningbo, Wuhan, Luoyang, Tongcheng, Sanshui and Beijing (Haidian District). The VCE in China offers pathways to university in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK. Our teachers work closely with the Chinese teachers to ensure the VCE is delivered at a high standard. Once a year the Haileybury staff join with the staff from all eight Chinese schools for the VCE in China Conference to work on further improvements to the program.

  • 6. Timor-Leste


    Haileybury has a strong association with the Dili International School. As well as helping with the implementation of the Australian VCE curriculum, every year the School sends its Year 11 Student Leaders to Timor-Leste as part of our Social Justice Program. Timor-Leste holds a special place in Haileybury's heart with all staff and students enjoying the time spent at the International School and with its students.

  • 7. The Philippines

    The Philippines

    Haileybury has been an International VCE partner in the Philippines since September 2016. The VCE is delivered at the Australian International School, Manila and offers pathways to university in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK. Our teachers work closely with the Filipino teachers to ensure the VCE is delivered at a high standard. The School runs a Northern Hemisphere timetable with offshore VCE graduation in June and classes are a mixture of local and ex-pat students.

  • 8. Japan

    Haileybury has had a long association with Japan.  The School operates a student exchange program with the Nichidai High School in Sapporo Japan.  This partnership was established in 1997 and continues to flourish.  Senior School students studying Japanese are exposed to the language on a whole new level as well as having the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture.
  • 9. Indonesia


    Haileybury has developed a sister school relationship with the Sampoerna Academy in Indonesia.  The Sampoerna Academy is located on a campus in Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province of Indonesia. Year 11 students have the opportunity to visit as part of a Biology Study Tour where they focus on Environmental Studies within the rainforest.

  • 10. Nepal


    Every year Senior School students participate in World Challenge.  World Challenge encourages student to develop valuable skills for later life, such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication. Students who participate in the Nepal trip spend time hiking the countryside as well as lending a hand in the small communities.  Students help out at the local school as well as provide swimming lessons to the local children.  Each year the challenge country is rotated between Nepal and Ecuador.

  • 11. Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Haileybury has an exchange partnership with Trinity College in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  Students from Trinity College attend Haileybury each year and different Haileybury sport and cultural teams spend time at Trinity.  The First Cricket Team visits every second year and the representatives from our Pipes & Drums Band work with the Music Department at the School.

  • 12. Turkey


    Gallipoli holds a special place in all Australian’s hearts and as such every year the prefects are presented with an opportunity to travel to Turkey to gain an experience of a lifetime. During the trip the prefects are exposed to different cultures as well as learning about teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

  • 13. France


    Haileybury has a strong French Program that has been aided by the exchange program setup with the Le Lycee de l’Assomption school in Bourdeaux and the Le Lycee de Georges Duby school in Luynes. Year 11 students have the opportunity to travel to France to enhance their language skills and brush up on their French cooking, while taking in the sights and sounds of Paris and the French countryside.  Students stay with local families and attend classes with their new French classmates.  Over the course of the year, French students visit Haileybury on cultural exchange.

  • 14. England


    There are number of opportunities available to students in England.

    It is only fitting that Haileybury Australia has a partnership with its ancestor, Haileybury England.  Two Year 12 students are specially selected each year to spend a month in the English country town of Hertford where they attend classes with their fellow English Haileyburians.

    Haileybury also has a partnership with the prestigious Eton College as part of the Organ Scholars Program.  This partnership further enhances the strong Organ Program that Haileybury offers at its Keysborough campus.

  • 15. USA


    Every three years the Music Department sends a selected group of students to tour the United States of America. During the trip students are exposed to other musicians from various schools and gain valuable performance experience.  As well as the tour a Gary Burton Scholarship is granted to one Music student every year who is then invited to Boston for a few weeks to further enhance their music skills.

  • 16. Ecuador


    Every year Senior School students participate in World Challenge.  World Challenge encourages student to develop valuable skills for later life, such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication. Students who participate in the Ecuador trip spend time scaling volcanoes, braving the Amazon, frolicking with sea lions, tasting authentic Ecuadorian foods and working with under developed communities.  Each year the challenge country is rotated between Nepal and Ecuador.

  • 17. Antarctica


    In 2016, Haileybury students had the opportunity of a lifetime to undertake a 10-day expedition to Antarctica.  Some highlights of the expedition included visiting Paulet Island, which is home to 100,000 Adelie penguins; seeing Neko Harbour where they climbed along a glacier; the Ukranian Vernadsky Station, where the hole in the ozone layer was discovered; and Primavera and the Argentinian research base. Students were also thrilled to experience the Antarctic Channel and Weddel Sea, where they were lucky to view the big tabular icebergs.

  • 18. Fiji


    Haileybury students participated in an expedition to Fiji that took them to many parts of the islands.  During the expedition, students experienced culture ceremonies, hiking through the Nausori Highlands, kayaking in the Yasawa Islands and a five-day home stay, and community service work in the Nasivikoso Village.  These expeditions provide students with valuable life skills such as leadership, communication and problem solving.

  • 19. Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea

    The Kokoda Track holds a special place in Australia's heart.  Senior School students have the opportunity to participate in the special expedition to Papua New Guinea during a term break.  Part of the expedition is also dedicated to social justice. Students spend time in local communities volunteering to help families and children in need.  Many students choose to undertake the expedition as part of their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

  • 20. Vietnam


    Haileybury works in partnership with the Albert Einstein School in Ho Chi Minh City to deliver a Year 10-12 VCE program to local students who wish to pursue a tertiary pathway internationally. This is Haileybury’s first collaborative project in Vietnam, and indeed the first VCE program to be delivered in this country.