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Ethan is a Top Act

High-achieving Haileybury Music student, Ethan Myers, has been in the spotlight at Top Acts 2023

NEWS 23 June 2023

His grand-uncle in Italy is a violinist but for talented percussionist, Ethan Myers (Year 12), that’s where his family’s musical connections start and finish. So, Ethan has no idea why music has come to play such an important role in his own life.

However, his passion and expertise recently saw Ethan perform at Melbourne Recital Centre for Top Acts 2023 – an annual concert that features some of the best performers from the Top Class Drama, Theatre Studies, Dance, Sound and Music series.

Each year, the event celebrates accomplished young performing artists and Ethan, a percussionist, was one of 17 students chosen to take part. He performed a complex jazz piece called Afro Blue with accompanist, David Dower.

“I first started learning piano when I was seven and played for about five years. Then I became interested in playing drums and percussion so I enrolled in some lessons at school and that opened a whole new world because I didn’t realise how large and complex the realm of percussion was,” says Ethan.

“Right now, I play lots of instruments across many ensembles, including the vibraphone, marimba and timpani. My specialist instrument would be the vibraphone. I love the different sound and vibe it can add to music, especially jazz, fusion and some contemporary pieces. You can do so many things with it.”

Ethan completed VCE Music last year but still practices at least four hours of practice and rehearsals at Haileybury each week. A highlight has been playing in the Top Class and Top Act concerts and he has also played in venues like Memo Music Hall and the Malthouse Theatre with Haileybury’s Stage Band.

“I’ve been involved in heaps of productions and performances – one of the most memorable at Haileybury was the Haileybury in Concert performance at Melbourne Recital Centre. I remember first performing there when I was part of the choir in Middle School and I’ve performed there a few more times with other school bands. It’s always a great venue,” says Ethan.

“I love the performance aspects of music – you work super hard to learn a tricky or long piece of music and then you perform, get feedback and have that feeling of real accomplishment. That sense of achievement can come when you master a technical exercise, are part of a recital or even learn four bars of a tune you’ve always wanted to learn”
Ethan Myers (Year 12)

With Top Acts 2023 over for the year, Ethan is now focused on study and hopes to become a doctor.

“I’d like to try and keep up my music and performance in some way, maybe in a band or ensemble in university, or keeping in touch with other musicians out of school,” he says.