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Haileybury NAPLAN Results

NEWS 17 Mar 2022

NAPLAN data has been released on the MySchool website this morning for the 2021 testing. It once again shows the outstanding work that Haileybury’s brilliant teachers have done in delivering superb literacy and numeracy outcomes for Haileybury students.

Results were strong across all four year levels doing NAPLAN and once again are amongst the very best in the country with Haileybury students on average performing more than two and half years above the national average.

Naplan overlay

A particular highlight in this data is the very strong student gain between Years 7 and 9.

The two charts below show the Writing and Numeracy gain for Haileybury students (magenta) compared to students with a similar starting score and similar background (green) and all Australian students (grey).

These are wonderful results and we congratulate all staff on delivering brilliant student education outcomes.