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Haileybury Students Shine at Premier's VCE Awards

NEWS 2 Aug 2021

Haileybury is celebrating another year of outstanding academic results with a number of our students recognised for their achievements at the Premier’s VCE Awards.

In total, 13 students from Haileybury were chosen to receive a Premier’s VCE Award. Three of these students received two awards, resulting in 16 awards being granted to 13 Haileybury students.

The Awards recognise top-performing students from across the state who excelled in their VCE studies during 2020 and celebrate the results of those individual students. They also pay tribute to the principals, teachers and families who play a valuable role in supporting students during their VCE studies.

“Haileybury is acclaimed as a great school and this stems from our remarkable academic results,” says Haileybury CEO|Principal, Derek Scott.

“Each year, Haileybury students are recognised for their commitment and dedication to their studies – a commitment and dedication that is shared by their teachers. Since the very beginning, our School has focused on providing students with outstanding teaching and learning opportunities and with support and individual attention so that every student who steps through Haileybury’s gates can excel.

“The impacts of the pandemic and the necessary shift to remote learning in 2020 were an unexpected challenge faced by students and teachers, so it is particularly rewarding to see these students recognised for their academic excellence during that time.

“I think the standards that have been set by these students also speak volumes of the calibre of Haileybury students and staff. In the face of the challenges presented by COVID, it was ‘business as usual’ for our students, teachers and the support staff that helped to keep everything running smoothly.

“We are all very proud of these latest award recipients. They exemplify the very best of Haileybury and I hope they inspire their fellow students to work hard and aim high.”

News - Premiers VCE Awards
Students (left to right): Geethan Pfeifer, Molly Vulcan, Duvin Nambuwasam

The recipients of the 2021 Premier’s VCE Awards are:

  • Nathan Betros (English and Physics)
  • Jack Holland (Further Mathematics)
  • Jun Wen Lin (English)
  • Kyle McLeod (English)
  • Seniru Mudannayake (English)f
  • Duvin Nambuwasam (Latin and Psychology)
  • Thomas Vulcan (Drama)
  • Raymond Zhang (Chinese Second Language)
  • Geethan Pfeifer (Mathematical Methods and for Algorithmics (HESS) undertaken at the Virtual School Victoria)
  • Aareni Haritharan (English)
  • Anna Marais (English)
  • Molly Vulcan (Psychology)
  • Samarth Ram Raghavendra (Hindi undertaken at the Victorian School of Languages)
News - Premiers VCE Awards 2
Student: Samarth Ram Raghavendra