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Haileybury's Early Learning Program Offers a Head Start

NEWS 1 Mar 2021

The early years are a time of fun and exploration, but it is also important for children to learn the skills they will need at school. Haileybury’s Early Learning Centres combine fun and learning to ensure the best possible start to each child’s learning journey.

Our evidence-based program uses government Early Years Learning Frameworks to achieve high-quality learning and developmental outcomes.

Educators plan around five key outcome areas: Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication. After careful observation, they set goals for each individual child.

Developing Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Haileybury’s ELC Program creates a positive step and a pathway for learning, discovery and growth in the early years of child development.

Learning is embraced from Day 1 with beautiful and stimulating surroundings that bring excitement and wonder while supporting each child to be capable, confident, and competent.

We nurture unique capabilities and a love of learning through development-based activities on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our play-based curriculum includes Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Social Thinking, and Diversity and Inclusion. Children develop their creativity, social skills, emotional wellbeing, higher-order thinking skills and a sense of belonging.

A Specialist Program includes Music, Library, Creative Arts, Physical Education and Movement.

Educators play a vital role in each child's education, drawing on evidence-based teaching strategies and the latest research. Children can collaborate with peers or engage in independent inquiry.

The digital, play-based language learning program ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) further enhances the Pre-Prep Language Program. Students are introduced to Mandarin, using iPads and play-based resources.

Families and educators are connected through the Haileybury ELC app, which provides updates on events, class curriculum, individual communication, and opportunities to share the magical moments children experience at Haileybury.

News - Haileybury ELC Offers Head Start

Diversity and Inclusion

Haileybury’s ELC Program incorporates diversity and inclusion to ensure our young learners recognise, in a way that they can understand, the importance of embracing and accepting difference.

An ELC Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) allows our community to recognise the importance of reconciliation in a way that young children can understand and embrace.

This helps the children to develop their emotional intelligence and empathy.

Ensuring Education is Sustainable

Sustainability and its importance to children and families is embedded into our ELC curriculum. This helps children learn about the need to respect the environment and enhances their understanding of Science.

They have displayed curiosity about water, where it comes from, where it goes which led to broader inquiries about climate and how we can make a difference.

Our Early Years Sustainable Practices, Action Plan and Haileybury Sustainability Strategy is integrated in ELC teachings. Based on these initiatives, children created the Extended Learning Through our Sustainable Practices book that was distributed to our wider Early Learning community.

News - Haileybury ELC Offers Head Start for Children

An Award-Winning Approach

In 2020, Haileybury’s ELC program won the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s Emeritus Professor Collette Tayler Excellence in Educational Leadership Award for its trial and review approach of new initiatives that ensure ongoing improvement.

This award is presented to a service that has supported its educators and teachers to use intentional teaching practices to achieve improved outcomes for children and their families.

Our ELC Programs have always been based on best practice, but we recognise the need to continually improve them and work hard to do so.