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Year 6 students ‘Thrive’ on Smoothie Challenge

NEWS 26 July 2022

During Term 2, our Year 6 students across all campuses were involved in a Mini-Boss Incursion called The Smoothie Bar. This incursion kicked off the Term 2 Thrive Financial Literacy unit centered around creating something fun… and healthy… to inspire students’ creative juices!

At the first Smoothie Bar incursion, students worked in teams to come up with Smoothie Bar team names, team expectations and continued collaborating on the planning, prototyping and testing program for their ultimate product – a delicious smoothie.

At each Thrive session, they explored all aspects of launching their own smoothie shops, including costing out product and set up, how much to charge for each smoothie and the potential profit of setting up their own smoothie shop.

One session was dedicated to the preparation of, tasting and scoring of each team’s smoothie creations – which was enjoyed by all!

At the end of term, the students presented their plans and financial report to launch their smoothie shops to a panel. This displayed knowledge of financial literacy and marketing, including highlighting points of difference for their smoothies and their shops. Presentations were engaging and creative with some teams creating dioramas to showcase what their store would look like, while another team made their very own branded business t-shirts as their ‘Unique Selling Point’!

The students had fun sampling and scoring the smoothies at the smoothie shops and one of the winning smoothie recipes – the Fruit Ferrari – is shared with our readers to sample:

Fruit Ferrari Smoothie

  • 150ml of Apple juice
  • ¼ cup Frozen Mango
  • ½ cup Frozen raspberry
  • ¼ cup Frozen strawberries

As the weather gets warmer, we hope our Year 6 students will make their favourite smoothie recipes at home for the family. Watch out Boost Juice… here come the Haileybury Smoothie crews!!