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CEO | Principal's Report

Haileybury is a not-for-profit charitable entity. The School is fortunate to be governed by an outstanding skills-based council. Council members are committed to Haileybury delivering great education outcomes and receive no remuneration or other reward for their time, expertise and effort in contributing to the School.

In 2024 Haileybury has a new Chair with Professor Gregory Whitwell taking over from long-time Chair Tom Poulton who led the School through a period of great success for Haileybury students and considerable growth for the School.

A graduate of Haileybury, Professor Whitwell has had a long career in leadership at some of Australia’s most pre-eminent universities. He retired at the end of 2022 from the position of Dean of the University of Sydney Business School. Professor Whitwell has a lifelong commitment to the transformative power of education.

The full Haileybury Council for 2024 is:

Haileybury’s 2024 Sport Review

Haileybury is redefining our co-curricular program with a view to implement phased changes from 2025 for Senior School students (Years 9–12).

Our goal is to design a program that enables our students to have greater choice in how they engage in the broad range of co-curricular offerings, including Haileybury Sport. This comes as an acknowledgement of the responsibility our Senior School students are ready for in choosing how they spend their valuable time.

For 2025, one option Haileybury is considering is enabling our Senior School students to choose whether they participate in one, two or three seasons of Haileybury Sport. Currently our program requires them to participate in a minimum of two seasons. Haileybury believes that physical activity is an important part of an excellent educational program and offers numerous physical, social and emotional health benefits. For this reason, we will continue to provide our Senior School students with the option to participate in sport all year round if they choose to. Conversely, we are excited about the idea of facilitating further choice for our students who choose to only participate in one or two seasons of Haileybury Sport by providing options that support their wide and diverse range of passions and interests through our co-curricular program.

To inform the program model, our 2025 Senior School cohort will be asked to participate in a brief survey. Their voices will be instrumental in shaping how Haileybury delivers co-curricular programs from 2025 and beyond.

I understand that our parents and guardians may also have views that they would like to share on this option, or perhaps the shape of the program more broadly. Please feel free to do so via this form.

I will continue to keep you up to date with developments in the changes to the co-curricular program model via Insight.

Haileybury’s review of the sport and co-curricular program is taking place concurrently with a review of APS sport — of which Haileybury is a member.

The parameters of the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS) review are outlined in a statement from the APS Principals and Heads.

The APS of Victoria’s Sport Review

The APS sporting program has been a key feature of the Victorian sporting landscape for well over 100 years.

A key aim of the APS Sport program is to be responsive to the changing needs of students, while respecting our heritage. In recent years, it has become clear to the APS Principals that our existing offerings do not necessarily address the needs and wants of all our students, particularly regarding extra/co-curricular activities. In addition, the operational challenges of the existing APS Sport program are growing, as the scale of the APS student cohort increases.

As such, the APS Principals have unanimously agreed to conduct a strategic 2024 review of the APS Sport program. A copy of the strategic review’s scope is linked here.

Derek Scott
CEO | Principal