CEO | Principal's Report

It has been wonderful to have all year levels of students back on campus and the VCE examinations are now over halfway completed.

While the brilliant work of Haileybury teachers has kept students’ academic learning moving at the same pace in the virtual space as it would in the physical school, the casual social interaction has been greatly missed by students and staff. It has been a joy to simply watch people reacquaint themselves with friends, face-to-face.

We are very committed to returning as many experiential learning activities and cultural events to school life as soon as possible, and we will make this a strong focus of the rest of this year and 2022.

This year, a key focus of all we have done has been to get Year 12 students successfully through their examinations. The English examination on 27 October started the final examination schedule and I was thrilled with the attitude of the many students I spoke to as they emerged from the three-hour examination.

The experience set everyone up well for the rest of the examination period with the final paper on 17 November. This date, with the VCE successfully completed, is a key one for us to open up many more cross campus activities.

A note of thanks to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority who have been resolute over the past two years in ensuring that VCE examinations go ahead and that the assessment process is fair and equitable.

Just as we want our students well prepared for their formal studies, we also want them to be creative and enterprising in the way they look at the world and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

All Haileybury Year 8 students have completed the second year of the Haileybury Start Up subject. I am really looking forward to being one of the judges at the Start Up Pitch Showcase this Wednesday. There are girls and boys teams from all four Haileybury Melbourne campuses and from Haileybury Rendall School Darwin who will be pitching to the judging panel. 

It is enterprising students like this who will find solutions to many of the challenges ahead for our society.

I congratulate our Year 12 School Leaders who have been elected to their positions for 2022. I look forward to working with this impressive group of young women and men as they lead our great School next year.

Derek Scott

CEO | Principal