CEO | Principal's Report

High-quality teaching and a safe inclusive environment at school are two key aspects of students enjoying positive education outcomes. Haileybury student surveys have reflected positively on each of these areas.

Haileybury participates biennially in the LEAD (Listen Evaluate Act Deliver) surveys delivered by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV). The student surveys from Years 5 and up are most important and provide valuable data for evaluation for our ongoing school improvement. More than 2,300 students completed the surveys, with statistical validity of 95%.

I am particularly pleased that students gave a result of 8.57/10 for the statement “My school is a safe place to learn”. The ISV average on this question was 8.04/10. This strong response sets up the basis for strong education engagement from students and I’m noting that the majority of students who completed this survey were teenagers aged 13 to 19.

Similarly, positive results supporting student safety were 8.41 (ISV 7.69) in response to the statement “My teachers know and accept me”, and 8.27 (ISV 7.62) in response to “I feel like I am a part of this school”.

Dealing with issues of bullying are an important part of every school’s work. Students gave a strong response to the statement “Bullying does not pose a problem at this school”, with a score of 7.30 (ISV 6.55). This was also reflected in a score of 7.76 (ISV 6.95) to the statement “Students respect each other at this school”.

Of course, there is always more work to do in this most important area, particularly noting the significant challenges around cybersafety. We will continue to focus on reducing cyberbullying through strong education programs, however, I am pleased there was a strong response to “The school deals well with incidences of cyberbullying”, with students scoring Haileybury 7.89 (ISV 7.19) in this area.

These good results are a reflection of the very high-quality teaching staff at Haileybury. This is recognised by the students who responded with 8.59 (ISV 7.48) to “The school provides me with high-quality teachers”. To the statement “My teachers know and respect me”, students responded with a score of 8.41 (ISV 7.69).

These are very positive results that reflect the student experience. We do not take them—the results or the students—for granted and we will continue to work hard to improve and live up to our motto that every student matters every day.

Derek Scott

CEO | Principal