Campus News

Back to School

Our City students have been delighted to see each other, to meet their teachers and to get started on their learning. Our brilliant teachers have done so much to prepare for the start of the year to ensure it is highly engaging for students.

Our 2022 City Goal

We continue to focus on growth and celebrate each important step on our learning journey as we work towards our 2022 Haileybury City goal—to be outward looking and future focused.

It was lovely to see our parent community online at our recent Parent Information Afternoon and Night for ELC, Junior and Middle Schools. We enjoyed sharing the learning we have planned for 2022 and our goals as a campus, school and year group. Your engagement in the learning program and in how we develop and nurture your child’s abilities and skills academically, socially, emotionally and physically is always appreciated.

Early Learning Centre

Bright Smiles and Bags

Reception children have settled into the routines of the ELC. From the moment they arrive with a bright smile and their bag on their back to the engaging conversations throughout the day, our Reception children are already displaying a strong sense of belonging within their new environment.

As new routines are established, so are new friendships. ELC has an explicit focus on supporting each child’s social interactions and emotional development through our Social Thinking curriculum. Families may have heard ELC staff or their child discuss ‘the Zones’ or ‘Group Plans’ and we look forward to hosting a Parent Information Session with Social Thinking expert, Ms Julie Liptak.

This will provide a common language for you and your child when identifying emotions and, importantly, it will provide learning tools for your child to support their emotional regulation. Information will be forwarded through the myHaileybury app and we invite all families to attend.

Wonder World

The Pre-Prep year has commenced with a healthy dose of wonder and curiosity as children question the world around them. Our curriculum is taking shape as children’s interests guide their learning. A focus on caring for each other and for animals has been woven throughout discussions and interactions so far.

It is with great excitement and with thanks to Mr Renard Vardy, a Junior School parent, that we have welcomed caterpillars to the Pre-Prep room. We look forward to understanding how to care for our small friends and watching their transformation.

Junior School

Respectful Relationships

Our students have immersed themselves in some interesting learning experiences. Each class has worked together to explore our Respectful Relationships pillar through the lens of Care, Learn and Play. In Year 3, students worked in groups to brainstorm ways to show empathy, respect, kindness, trust and honesty. They collaborated to create a sentence for their given word with the sentences then shared in class.

“It was interesting to hear what other people’s opinions were.” —Will Weir (Year 3)

“I did like to do further work around the definitions. It gave me a few things to learn. I liked working in groups.” —Sonny Lim (Year 3)

Lights, Camera, Action

Our 2022 goal for City Junior School students relies on the phrase ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ to encourage young people to be outward looking and future focused. In assembly and in class, students have been ‘lighting up their thinking’ using various talking points. We focused on wheelchair tennis champion, Dylan Alcott, and how his thinking about opportunities for disabled people was sparked.

In terms of ‘Camera’, we are encouraging students to open up their lens to those around them. Dylan Alcott opened up his lens by thinking about how he could provide more opportunities for people with a disability.

Lastly, our students are encouraged to take ‘Action’ and do something that will have impact for others. Dylan Alcott created The Dylan Alcott Foundation, which assists young Australians with disabilities to overcome entry barriers to sport and education. We look forward to seeing the brilliant ideas that our Junior School students come up with this year.

Middle School

Off to a Great Start

We would like to congratulate our Middle School students for a very successful start to the year. Our Induction Days on Thursday, 27 January, and Friday, 28 January, provided students with a solid grounding. The LEAP and STEM showcase allowed students to hear about the amazing opportunities that are part of the Curious Minds program. For more information about Curious Minds, contact STEM co-ordinator, Louise Elletson or LEAP co-ordinator, Kelsey Collins.

Middle School Visions

Our Boys Middle School and Girls Middle School have crafted their 2022 visions and have begun workshopping how they can live these messages every day.

The BMS is focusing on Habits of Mind, particularly excellence, empathy and creativity. Work in the GMS will centre around a message—’We rise by lifting others’. It encourages students to look beyond themselves and to see how they can contribute to Haileybury and the broader communities.

We look forward to working with our Middle School students on these important messages.

“Every moment is a fresh beginning”
TS Eliot

Caroline Merrick

Head of City

Haileybury Parents & Friends City (HPF City)

A Bright Start

It’s terrific to see our new and returning students from ELC to Year 12 back on campus. They all look bright and bushy-tailed and ready for the school term and the learning ahead.

We also look forward to fostering connections in person across our community in a safe and responsible manner. Please keep an eye out for events on the myHaileybury app or via your Social Representatives.

Opportunities to Connect

Our first HPF City Social Representative and Community meeting will be held on Monday, 7 February, at 7.30 pm via Zoom. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. These meetings are held once a term and highlight upcoming events and updates from the Head of Campus and Head of Senior School. They are also an opportunity to make connections with other parents and carers, and to discover how to get involved. We hope to see you there. For the Zoom details, please go to the myHaileybury app.

To all our new families, a very warm welcome to our community. Please join us at our first social event of the year at the HPF City Welcome Morning Tea on Tuesday, 8 February, at 8.30 am. It will be at the Inside Out space on Batman Street. To RSVP, go to the myHaileybury app where you will find details and the TryBooking link.

Save the Date

Clear your diary for Friday, 4 March, and come along to the HPF City Rooftop Party. The fun begins at 6.30 pm. Enjoy the fantastic views across Flagstaff Gardens to the City and Docklands and watch the sunset while enjoying delicious food, a drink and catching up with old and new friends. The event will finish at 9.00 pm.

If you would like to contact HPF City, please email:

Hoping you settle in smoothly to the first weeks of term.

Nina Brooks and Nadine Bissland

Co-Presidents, Haileybury Parents & Friends City