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A Fantastic Year 12 Formal

On Friday, 8 April, the Year 12 Haileybury College Formal took place at Sofitel on Collins. The night saw in excess of 500 students gathered for one of the key celebrations of their final year and a great time was had by all. We could not be prouder of the way in which our students conducted themselves and of the positive and inclusive way in which they embraced spending social time together. It truly was a night of nights!

Student Representative Council

A range of students in Years 9, 10 and 11 were recently announced as members of the 2022 Student Representative Council (SRC). While there are too many names to mention within this short newsletter, I would like to heartily congratulate those who put themselves forward for leadership positions and were elected by their peers.

Haileybury offers many opportunities for leadership and supports students in leadership positions to work together to make the School a wonderful place to be.

Youth Leadership Conference

On Tuesday, 1 March, the Year 11 and 10 House SRCs and other leaders from schools across the state had the amazing opportunity to attend the Australia-wide State Youth Leadership Conference. The event is designed to inspire, strengthen and empower us—the young leaders of today and tomorrow.

In this action-packed, one-day event we learned about the empowered, positive approaches to leadership, creative ways to develop teamwork, communication and coaching skills and how to overcome challenges throughout our leadership journeys. We were able to hear from many inspirational speakers who shared their experiences surrounding leadership and their own journeys to success.

One particularly intriguing story came from strategist and CEO, Holly Ransom, as she shared her impressive experiences such as when she interviewed the Obamas and had some interesting meetings with Australian senators. While her presentation was humorous and engaging, she led with an overarching message—step outside your comfort zone and into your courage zone.

Holly’s mission was to show that good leaders must step outside the box to successfully lead their team and achieve their goals. Everyone who attended the conference took away a lot from the day, whether it be Holly’s life lessons or meeting like-minded leaders from schools around the state.

The event placed a great emphasis on the immense importance for young people to take a stand and initiate change in this world. On behalf of Haileybury, we would like to greatly thank Youth Leadership Academy Australia for equipping us with the skills and confidence to become the young change-makers in our school communities and the broader society.

Subject Selection Time

In Term 2, the subject selection process will begin for students in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Our upcoming Year 10 (2023) Information Evening for all Pre-Senior parents and students will be held on Tuesday, 3 May, and will be livestreamed. This session will also be recorded and available via myHaileybury.

The Subject Expo will be held on Tuesday, 17 May, and details for the event will follow. Parents and students will have access to material to help them make good subject choices and it may also be helpful to visit VTAC (the centralised admissions centre for most undergraduate university and TAFE courses), and the VCAA that sets guidelines for what students from Prep to Year 12 learn in Victorian schools.

Please remember that you can always make an appointment with one of our Careers Advisors to discuss these matters. Your child’s Head of House or relevant Head of Pre-Senior can help you make these appointments.

Edrington Easter Sale

Armed with bags of Easter eggs and many delicious treats, Edrington held their annual Easter Egg Stall on Monday, 28 and Tuesday, 29 March. The baked goods and chocolate proved to be a hit with Edrington raising over $1,000 for their charity, One Girl.

Bond University Mooting Competition

During May, Haileybury will be competing in the Bond University Mooting Competition. This high school competition is the oldest in Australia, with over 100 schools across the country participating. This year, Dhimanya Dissanayake (Year 11), Rahul Deepak Kumar (Year 11) and Chiara Sgroi (Year 11) will represent Haileybury.

Mooting is a simulated court proceeding where student teams are presented with a fictional legal problem and they must formulate legal arguments and apply the law to their client’s case. They then present their submissions before real judges, barristers and members of the legal profession. This year, Haileybury will be making submissions on behalf of the defendant in a civil proceeding.

The preliminary rounds will be conducted via video-conference and this emulates the current landscape in which courts have had to advocate virtually. The Grand Final will be held at Bond University in Queensland. Haileybury has a proud mooting history and were finalists during the last competition. We wish the students the best of luck with the preliminary rounds.

Touring the Yakult Factory

Business Management Units 3 and 4 students visited the Yakult factory to practically apply their classroom theory to a real business. Students saw how an automated production line works in real time, how computer aided manufacturing makes 33,000 bottles per hour and why quality control is so important to a product. They also learned how a business applies Corporate Social Responsibility to many aspects of manufacturing.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Congratulations to Braya Jade Hanssen (Year 9) on receiving her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

Term 2 Uniform Reminder

Please remember that students wear winter uniform in Term 2, however, we will have two weeks at the beginning of the term when students may continue to wear summer uniform.

Pam Chamberlain

Senior Vice Principal and Head of Haileybury Senior Schools

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