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Always aiming for Excellence

Schools that Excel. Girls that Excel.

NEWS 25 Oct 2022
“Our school has an extensive history and it is a Melbourne institution, but it has evolved with changing social norms and it continues to advance, even after 130 years. A lot goes in to making Haileybury the school that it is and the unrelenting efforts of teachers, students and staff are something to behold.”
2022 Haileybury Girls College School Captain, Victoria Paitaridis

Year in and year out, Haileybury is renowned for its outstanding academic achievements, for the many and diverse opportunities we offer students from ELC through to the Senior years, and for the calibre of young people that make up our school community.

Since 2006, Haileybury Girls College has been an integral and much valued part of our success story.

In 2021, Haileybury Girls College students topped the state in the VCE Rankings, achieving some of the best VCE study scores in Victoria. The median VCE study score was an impressive 37 and over 37% of the 2021 study scores were 40 and above.

This mirrors the continuous outstanding academic results attained across the whole School. In 2021, eight Haileybury students achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95 — our Haileybury Duces — and 94% of all Haileybury students were placed in the top 40% in Australia.

Just over half our students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, positioning them in the top 10% of VCE students in the country.

At Haileybury Girls College, the strong academic results, the School’s focus on ‘brilliant teaching’ and the wellbeing support available to students, have recently seen it named as a Schools that Excel winner in the non-government school category for Melbourne’s south. The prestigious title is awarded annually by The Age.

“Attention to detail and the careful monitoring of each student’s progress combined with tailored and timely feedback provided to students, and their families, ensures that every student feels supported and confident.”
Sabine Partington, Senior School Head of Teaching & Learning

“The culture within Haileybury Girls College is one of continuous improvement – we pride ourselves on delivering the very best education for every student and we embrace innovation but we shy away from fads in education,” says Sabine.

“Underpinning every aspect of Haileybury Girls College is the unwavering belief that every student matters, every day.”

Haileybury Girls College School Vice-Captain, Wini Vudiniabola, is ‘honoured’ to be one of a long line of leaders in the school who has helped shape Haileybury and when she leaves the school, she says she will retain many happy memories.

“My enduring memories of Haileybury will be of the incredible people I’ve been fortunate to meet, the lifelong friendships I’ve formed, the thrill and fun of House events and the grand opportunities I’ve been offered,” she says.

Fellow Haileybury Girls College School Vice-Captain, Zara Scammell, also appreciates her experiences at the school.

“Haileybury has had an impact on the life of my family for many years as I’m a second-generation student at the school,” says Zara.

“The school’s longevity is testament to the endless hours of hard work put in by everyone in the Haileybury community.”