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Class of 2022 VCE Results

Record-breaking VCE Results!

NEWS 12 Dec 2022

Once again, Haileybury students have achieved some of the most outstanding VCE results in the state and have broken a record in the school’s 30-year history of the VCE.

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Results highlights


highest possible ATARs of 99.95 were achieved.


of students placed in the top 40% in Australia.


perfect Study Scores of 50 were achieved in 15 different subjects.


of students placed in the top 10% in Australia.

Seven Haileybury students achieved the highest possible Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) of 99.95 by Yan He Chen, Abigail Gardiner, Chloe Lay, Jiaqi Lu, Michael Sun, Kerry Zhu and Kim Zhu.

This is an incredible achievement given that only a little over 30 students will be awarded an ATAR of 99.95 out of the 50,000 VCE students who sat the VCE in 2022.

Haileybury’s 2022 graduating cohort deserve great credit for their fortitude and resilience and for working so collaboratively with each other and with their teachers.

We pay tribute to all the staff for this exceptional performance. It is a great reflection of their professionalism, dedication and care, all of which has been on display these last three years.

Our teachers are committed to evidence-based strategies that work – the evidence of this is clear in the results.

We also acknowledge the support of all families. Great academic results are the product of a strong partnership between the students, parents and guardians and the School and its staff. The result of this hard work is there for all to see – absolutely brilliant individual student performances which flow into an extraordinary school performance.