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Class of 2023 VCE results

Excellent VCE results!

NEWS 11 Dec 2023

Haileybury’s class of Year 12 students have achieved another excellent set of VCE results this year, setting themselves up for an exciting future and a variety of study and career pathways.

HY 2023 VCE results Video Tile

Results highlights


highest possible ATARs of 99.95 were achieved.


of students placed in the top 40% in Australia.


perfect Study Scores of 50 were achieved in 10 different subjects.


of students placed in the top 10% in Australia.

Two students, Stanley Chi and Sam Nielsen, attainted the highest possible Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking (ATAR) of 99.95. This is an outstanding achievement considering only a little over 35 of the 50,000 students who sit VCE exams are awarded a 99.95 ATAR each year. Congratulations to Stanley and Sam.

A hard-working 12% of students attained an ATAR of 99 and above, placing them in the top 1% of students in Australia, while 33% of Haileybury students attained an ATAR of 95 and above. This places them in the top 5% of students in the country.

Almost half (48%) of Haileybury students achieved an ATAR of 90 and above placing them in the top 10% of students in Australia — congratulations to all of them.

We are also thrilled that 32 of our Year 12 students achieved a maximum Study Score of 50, with some earning maximum Study Scores in more than one subject. They excelled in subjects including Further Mathematics, Art Making and Exhibiting, Sociology, English, Accounting, Music Contemporary Performance and Biology.

“These results reflect Haileybury’s strong commitment to our motto that ‘every student matters every day,'” says Derek Scott, Haileybury CEO | Principal.

“Each year, Haileybury students demonstrate their thirst to learn, their ability to ask important and meaningful questions, and their enthusiasm to take every opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills. As a result, each year we are impressed by the VCE results achieved by our Year 12 students. This year is no exception.”

“Thanks to each student’s strong work ethic and their enthusiasm for learning more and digging deeper, this is another set of VCE results for students and their families to be proud of. As Haileybury is an open-entry school, these VCE results are all the more impressive.” Derek says.

The expertise and unwavering commitment of Haileybury teachers and staff is also an integral part of each student’s success. Each year a dedicated team helps the Year 12 cohort navigate the complexities and challenges of VCE and, each year, they do a fantastic job.

Derek also paid tribute to the dedicated families of Year 12 students who support their children through the demanding Senior School years.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on their impressive VCE results.