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Following their dreams and their hearts

From visiting Apple headquarters in the US and racing in the Australian Ford Championships to freeskating, diving and creating award-winning pieces of art, Haileybury students keep inspiring us with their achievements.

NEWS 26 June 2024

There is seemingly no end to the interests and talents of Haileybury students and the brilliant teachers who inspire them. Week by week, there are always opportunities to explore and experiment and to discover a new co-curricular or extra-curricular activity. Along the way, many students develop a lifelong love of learning and perhaps uncover a new direction or passion that builds their confidence and knowledge.

Here are just a few examples in 2024 so far.

Showcasing talents at the Apple Swift Student Challenge

Haileybury student and technology whizz, Dinith (Year 11, Keysborough), dreamed of attending Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at Apple HQ in California. This month, that dream came true when Dinith flew to the US to join talented coding students from around the globe at WWDC24. It’s there that Apple reveal groundbreaking new technologies with the potential to change the future.

Dinith travelled to the US as a winner of Apple’s Swift Student Challenge after he developed a circuit designing and learning tool that helps students create their own prototype circuits. His mother began teaching him programming when he was eight and since then Dinith has expanded his skills including joining Haileybury’s Digitech Explorers program in the Middle School.

“I’ve always been inspired by Apple — I’m the kind of person who wakes at 3.00 am to see announcements about their latest products and technologies! I definitely want to work in engineering, robotics or software development and I would really like to work for Apple in the future.”
Dinith (Year 11)

Dinith is one of many students excelling in diverse areas. From sport to music and community-focused interests like the Duke of Edinburgh program, Haileybury students are curious, passionate and committed to their cause.

On the right track

For Jake (Year 11, Berwick) that commitment is demonstrated on the racetrack. Jake has successfully competed in karting since 2018, and in 2022 he joined the Victorian Formula Ford Series. Last year, the skilful racer came 2nd in the Australian Formula Ford Championship and he’s now competing in the Michelin Sprint in a customised Porsche.

“My ultimate goal is to win the World Endurance Championship – the official world championship for sportscars”
Jake (Year 11)

“To perform well in this sport mainly comes down to the mental strength of the driver. Obviously, you also have to be physically strong with the forces going through your neck and the temperature in the car that can be quite high. But that can all be overcome with training and a strong mindset.”

Jake’s next highly charged tournament takes place in Townsville during the school holidays.

Good luck on the track, Jake!

The Duke of Ed journey

Each year, a number of students at Haileybury enrol in the international Duke of Edinburgh Award program. Completed in three stages – Bronze, Silver and Gold – students set out to conquer four areas including physical recreation, skills (personal interests, talents and hobbies), voluntary service and an ‘adventurous journey’. Completing the program and reaching the Gold Award level takes time, commitment and determination. So far this year, four students have earned the coveted Gold Award.

Sofia (Year 11, Keysborough) began the Duke of Ed journey in Year 8 and the opportunity to take part in trips and adventures ensured she completed the program.

“The most interesting experience for me was being able to go to Nepal and to teach young children there about Australian culture. One challenge was to make new friends on longer trips, but I did this by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking to people I would never otherwise have met. No matter what sort of background you come from, everyone is welcome in the Duke of Ed community,” says Sofia.

“Before I started the Duke of Ed, I remember seeing photos and hearing stories about previous trips and so I was inspired to try it myself. I wouldn’t say I am a very outdoorsy person, but the hikes and journeys have been some of my most memorable school experiences,” says Lucy (Year 12, Keysborough).

During her Bronze Award, Lucy hiked the Great South West Walk and her Gold Award adventure journey took her to Nepal.

“During the Great South West Walk I remember hiking the trail and singing along with everyone to ‘Party in the USA’ and racing my friends in canoes. In Nepal, we climbed mountains with stunning views and visited different cultural and spiritual sites. At times the journeys were physically taxing but support from the other people in my group helped me persevere.”

Hitting the right note

Since 2018, Jessie (Year 11, Keysborough) has been a key member of Haileybury Pipes & Drums.

“At the 2018 Tattoo I saw the pipers and drummers standing on the cascading steps on Aikman stage and it gave me chills,” she says.

At the World Championships in Scotland, Jessie reconnected with friends she has made through piping and drumming events and another highlight was finishing the 2024 season undefeated against long-time rivals, Scotch College.

“Besides being able to compete with a remarkable group of musicians, the friendships I’ve made are what I enjoy most. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to give up Pipes & Drums – it’s integral to my life now”
Jessie (Year 11)

Emmanuel (Year 6, Brighton) joined Haileybury Pipes & Drums in 2022 and was inspired by his love of music and the desire to learn a new instrument. He practices for about two hours a week.

“The most memorable experiences I have had would be travelling around Melbourne to compete in different competitions. I enjoy the musical benefits of playing pipes and how easy it is to make friends within the Haileybury Pipes & Drums community,” he says.

Watching the Pipes & Drums practicing on the oval early in the morning persuaded Dylan (Year 3, Newlands) to join the band.

“I like the sound of the pipes – it makes me feel happy and I practice almost every day. I remember asking my Mum to buy me a bagpipe for my 4th birthday and she finally bought it for my 9th birthday because by then, I knew how to look after it,” says Dylan.

“Being part of the ANZAC Day march has been a highlight of the year for me so far.”

Well done, Jessie, Emmanuel and Dylan!

Skating to glory

Victorian champion, Arya (Year 5, Newlands) is making a name in the energetic world of freeskating and freedance. She trains up to eight hours a week and her hard work paid off in May when she became a state champion. Judges were impressed by her jumps, spins, footwork and choreography.

“I love skating! I love the challenges of learning new jumps and spins and I’m always learning as an artistic skater,” says Arya.

Arya’s next major event is representing Victoria in the Nationals where she will compete in four events before she starts preparing for the 2025 competition season.

Good luck Arya!

Making a splash

Frank (Year 10, City) spends hours of his free time each week in the pool. At the competitive APS Boys’ Combined Diving Meet earlier this year, Frank earned first place in the Under 16 3-metre A Division. He also competed at the Dresden International Youth event in Germany, which is one of the world’s junior diving competitions.

Haileybury Boys Diving Team

Frank has been diving for six years and chose the sport for its physical and mental challenges. He is rigorous with his demanding training schedule and good time management helps him juggle his diving commitments with his academic studies.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to represent my country and my school,” says Frank. “My ultimate goal is to win medals internationally and to represent Australia and Haileybury at the World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games.”

Being dramatic

All the world’s a stage for Dylan (Year 5, Berwick) who is one of Haileybury’s most passionate drama students and a leading performer with Fabnobs Theatre Inc, a not-for-profit organisation which produces four theatrical productions a year.

Dylan’s first performance was The New Adventures of Thumbelina, a pantomime in which she played the villain, Antonia. That show sparked her love of the theatre and performing.

Dylan is currently rehearsing for her role as Patchy the Pirate in The SpongeBob Musical – Youth Edition, but Dylan’s dream is to one day take to the stage professionally in a musical such as Hamilton.

“Rehearsals have taught me a lot about working hard with others - it has been fun and I have loved the feeling of independence. Acting and performing is definitely a pathway I’d like to follow – I would love to travel the world as a performer”
Dylan (Year 5)

Painting a picture

The artistic talents of Ella (Year 1, City) are currently on display at the Art Gallery of NSW. Ella’s painting is one of 70 out of more than 4,000 pieces to reach the finals of the Young Archies competition for 2024. The annual competition invites budding artists between the ages of five to 18 to submit a portrait.  

Ella loves painting life below the ocean waves, so it is no wonder her colourful artwork is titled ‘Under the sea’. This painting shows her friend, Avelyn, under the sea accompanied by brightly coloured sea creatures.  Ella is excited to soon be visiting the Art Gallery of NSW and to attend the awards ceremony in July.

Creating some Moomba magic

The imagination and creative flair of Candeece (Year 4, Newlands) caught the eye of the official Moomba Parade team who were inspired by her vibrant and whimsical design for a potential Moomba float.

They decided to use Candeece’s drawings of ‘cute’ dumplings as a theme for a 2023 Moomba Parade float and Candeece was interviewed by a TV reporter about the story behind her creation and her artistry.

The float was due to make an appearance again in 2024, however the parade did not go ahead this year as Melbourne experienced an extreme heatwave. However, Candeece’s dumplings made a lasting impression.

There’s always plenty happening across Haileybury. Let’s see what our brilliant students achieve in the next half of the year. Stay tuned!