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Haileybury Taking the LEAD

NEWS 28 Oct 2021

The latest LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys shine a spotlight on how satisfied parents are with their child’s educational experience

Each year, independent schools in Victoria receive insights into how they are performing in the eyes of their students, families and school community.

Conducted by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) the LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys provide a benchmark to show what is being done well and what could be done better, so they are a useful guide for schools and parents who are choosing a school for their child.

LEAD stands for Listen, Evaluate, Act, Deliver—which is a concise summary of how schools can interpret and build on LEAD survey results. Parent satisfaction, student satisfaction, quality of teaching, peer support and staff technology are all part of the assessment and receive a mark out of 10.

The surveys are developed to help schools make informed decisions, gain a realistic picture of their effectiveness and provide a 360-degree view of performance through the eyes of those involved directly with the school.

Despite the challenges and disruptions faced by schools during the past two years due to COVID-19, the 2021 LEAD surveys’ results at Haileybury have been among the strongest yet.

LEAD Survey Results

Parent Satisfaction at a Record High

The Parent Overall Satisfaction rate of 8.98/10 was the equal best achieved in the 12-year history of the surveys and was well above the ISV mean of 8.44.

“The major factor for this has been the brilliant work of Haileybury teachers and it was a great boost to them to see the Parent Quality of Teaching result at 8.73/10,” says Haileybury CEO|Principal Mr Derek Scott.

“Of course, much of our teaching over the past two years has been delivered in the virtual online classroom and highly visible to parents. This makes the record Quality of Teaching result all the more remarkable.”

Student Engagement Confirms Teaching Excellence

Student engagement and students feeling respected, listened to and encouraged by their teachers is integral to a successful educational journey. The LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys for Haileybury in 2021 were impressive, says Derek.

“Students from Years 5 to 11 rated Quality of Teaching as 8.60/10—compared with the ISV mean of 7.46. The Year 12 students rated Quality of Teaching as 8.37/10—the ISV mean was 7.62,” he says.

Teachers also participate in the surveys and 624 Haileybury staff gave the school an Overall Satisfaction rating of 9.09/10—compared with the ISV mean of 8.57. Staff also rated Quality of Teaching at 9.20.

“This is a compelling statement of the strong culture of focused teaching delivering for every student. It does indeed reflect that our success as a school comes through outstanding collaboration between wonderful staff and a strong purpose to our work,” says Derek.

He says the survey’s results embody Haileybury’s philosophy.

“We have remained committed to the motto that ‘every student matters every day.”

Parents who want to know more about the LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys can go to the Independent Schools Victoria website at