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Helping Others is a Key Part of the Haileybury Story

NEWS 7 May 2021

In a changing world that is still dealing with a global pandemic, instilling a sense of fairness, and encouraging young people to live it, is more important than ever.

Social justice has long been a key pillar of Haileybury’s mission to develop high-achieving students who are connected globally, to each other and to the communities in which they live and will serve.

The School community is strongly committed to principles of fairness, equity and human rights and believes we have a shared responsibility to contribute to positive social change locally and globally.

Learning about and engaging social justice empowers us as 21st century global citizens.

For that reason, Haileybury’s leading Social Justice Program focuses on generosity, reconciliation, protecting the weak, forgiveness, expressions of gratitude, inclusion, sharing of resources and service.

Social Service in the 1960s

The extensive program has a long and strong history.

School Chaplain the Reverend Frank Elmore started the Social Service Program in 1955 as an alternative to Cadets and Scouts. It generally assisted older people and helped students to become conscious of ‘the person rather than the problem’.

In 1965, Kim Bastin (OH ’65) wrote in his diary:

“Am in Home Service—working at the home of Mr and Mrs Turner—he is blind. Chopped up three boxes and started weeding a plot of ground without tools. Was given a cup of tea by Mrs Turner when she came home from the hospital.”

The initiative has continued to evolve since, and social justice is now a cornerstone of the Haileybury Program.

The message is clear: We all benefit from living in a just society—one that supports the law and human rights, where each individual is valued as an equal member of that society.

We all Benefit from a Just Society

Each Haileybury campus supports a range of fundraising initiatives for approximately 40 charities each year, both locally and globally.

Once such program saw Newlands campus Middle School students collect and donate quality goods for Mums Supporting Families In Need (MSFIN).

MSFIN provides quality material aid to struggling Victorian families with community support and welfare organisations. In one drive, the Haileybury community donated more than 8,000 items of clothing, food and oral care products.

Students sorted toys, organised nappies, stacked food, created pamper packages and arranged children’s gifts.

“We learned that there is a distinct difference from donating anything in your cupboards to donating things that will actually be of use. It was surprising to learn that the major cost for MSFIN was disposing of unusable donated items.”—Jordan (Year 8).

Helping Others Locally and Beyond

Collectively, Haileybury campuses support many organisations that work locally in their area or beyond.

They include projects such as the Salvation Army Christmas Toy Drive, Salvation Army Winter Food Drive, Clean Up Australia Day, Lunch with OHA Vietnam veterans, Walk for Justice for Refugees, and climate change initiatives such as selling Keep Cups among Senior School staff and students.

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