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Opening doors around the world

Haileybury’s vision to be a great world school is creating international pathways and opportunities for students with many different talents

NEWS 22 Nov 2023

In Year 9, Joshua, a Haileybury student, heard a musician playing the grand Concert Organ in Aikman Hall at Haileybury’s Keysborough campus and he was captivated by the grand scale and the richness of the sound.

So, prompted by his piano teacher at the school, and as part of the Organ Scholars Program, Joshua began learning to play the instrument under the tutelage of celebrated organ tutor, Thomas Heywood.

“I would never have thought of playing such a complex instrument,” says Joshua, who is currently in Year 11.

“Every morning I can practice on the organ in the Chapel or on the one in Aikman Hall and while playing these extraordinary instruments presents a multitude of technical challenges, such as coordinating my hands and feet, it is a unique and deeply fulfilling experience for me.”

Fast forward two years from those first organ lessons and Joshua has received an organ scholarship as part of an inaugural organist exchange program. It will see him spend time boarding and studying at Haileybury in England, which was founded in 1862 and is the alma mater of Haileybury Australia’s founding headmaster, Charles Rendall. While there, Joshua will further develop his musical skills by playing hymns at chapel services, performing solo and accompanying Christmas carol services.

“I will also visit Cambridge University and London and study and play various organs there. As each organ is custom-built and unique, the trip to the UK will be an excellent experience and will greatly enhance my musical skills,” says Joshua.

Creating international pathways

Joshua is just one of many Haileybury students who benefit from Haileybury’s international perspective and pathways.

Haileybury has an ambitious vision to be recognised as a great world school and this underpins the school’s partnerships and relationships with schools and educational associations in various parts of the world including China, Timor-Leste, the Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, France, England, the US, Ecuador, Fiji, Vietnam and Vanuatu.

Benefits flow both ways through these partnerships and relationships and, for Haileybury’s students, they offer potentially life-changing experiences.

From Haileybury to the US

Image by: Davidson Women's Basketball

Talented basketballer, Charlise Dunn (OH 2021), left Haileybury in 2021 after receiving a scholarship to go to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra. Charlise was then offered a sports scholarship to study and play basketball in the US. She plays for the Davidson Wildcats in North Carolina for Davidson College.

Image by: Vasily Samoylov

Amy Bunnage (OH 2022) graduated in 2022 and is also following an international pathway. She was a star all-rounder during her time at Haileybury, competing in cross country, triathlon, touch football and athletics. Amy won national athletics titles and was offered a four-year scholarship at Stanford University where she is an important part of the university’s athletics team.

Old Haileyburian, Hanshal Goyal (OH 2022), recently enrolled at Brown University, one of the prestigious Ivy League universities in the US, after an exceptional performance in his VCE Latin and achieving an outstanding overall ATAR score.

Broadening horizons

Dr Stephan Muller, Deputy Principal (Education Research & International), says attending an internationally active school broadens horizons in many ways – from international educational trips to opportunities for study tours, hosting international visitors and connecting to a global alumni network.

“We work closely with students who wish to take up university places outside of Australia, we are creating gap year opportunities at our school in China and Darwin, and there are scholarship opportunities for students to visit Haileybury UK as academic, music or general excellence scholars”
Dr Stephan Muller, Deputy Principal (Education Research & International)

During their time at school, students also have many opportunities to investigate global pathways. Haileybury has had a long association with Japan and operates a student exchange program with the Nichidai High School in Sapporo. Senior School students studying Japanese have an opportunity to spend time in Sapporo and immerse themselves in the language and culture.

Similarly, Haileybury has built connections with schools in France, allowing Year 11 French language students to enjoy an exchange experience and stay with local families and attend school with French classmates.

From Gallipoli to glaciers

The global perspective that runs throughout Haileybury is also reflected in educational trips that go beyond the usual – Haileybury prefects are able to travel to Gallipoli in Turkey as part of Remembrance Day events and a trip to Ecuador saw students scaling volcanoes, working with local communities and seeing the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands. Another group of students even undertook an expedition to Antarctica.

“Working internationally makes us a better Australian school, too,” says Dr Muller.

“It increases our cultural awareness and allows us to offer professional development experiences to our staff who get to work with educators all over the world.”