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Quality Teaching

NEWS 18 Mar 2022

Teachers hold the key to our nation's future. Preparing teachers to have the greatest impact on their students‘ learning is a national priority. Derek Scott, CEO I Principal, of Haileybury was invited to be part of an expert panel of four to conduct a thorough educational review resulting in over 17 recommendations which were presented to the Minister for Education & Youth in a report called, Report of the Quality Initial Teacher Education Review.

The report highlights three key areas to help new teachers be most effective:

  • Attracting high-quality, diverse candidates into initial teacher education
  • Ensuring their preparation is evidence-based and practical
  • Inducting new teachers well.

In this video, Derek Scott shares how the 17 recommendations reflect much of what Haileybury has relentlessly worked on regarding teacher quality over the past 15 years.

Quality teaching