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What’s in store for 2024?

Discover what our Middle and Senior School students can look forward to this year.

NEWS 30 Jan 2024

While a new school year always brings something different, Haileybury does not believe in standing still, or change for change’s sake. So, while there will most definitely be some exciting and innovative things happening across classrooms this year, Haileybury’s focus on key skills and a wide range of exciting co-curricular activities will continue to be at the core of all learning.

“Our overarching goal remains the same each year — to ensure that every student matters every day,” says Anna Sever, Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning).

“That means providing an exceptional educational experience that fosters the growth of each student through leading teaching and learning programs. We also offer an array of opportunities within a culture of high expectations, so our students can excel.”

What’s new in Middle School – From Robotics to NASA

For Middle School students, building the all-important and foundational literacy and numeracy skills continues to remain a focus in 2024. But this year, Year 8 students from all Melbourne campuses have an incredible array of opportunities to explore the wider world and dabble in the fascinating field of Robotic Engineering. They will learn to design, build and program machines that are aware of their surroundings and can also make decisions based on the data they gather.

Some of the international experiences on offer in 2024 include students travelling to the USA on a NASA/STEM tour to discover space and space science at NASA’s Space Camp. They will also immerse themselves in STEM based activities that embrace the natural world and the creation of the thrilling rides at Universal Studios!

Meanwhile, Year 8s will be immersing themselves in culture, language and daily life in Cultural Immersion tours to China, Japan, France and Mauritius. Students will even attend school in Mauritius to genuinely experience a different perspective of life and learning.

“For our Middle School students, the curriculum encourages exploration, innovation and aspiration. These different elements support students to become the impressive adults that graduate from Haileybury”
Melissa Allen, Head of Teaching & Learning Middle School.

Senior School – A feast for the mind

Senior School students can also look forward to some new learning experiences with enhanced online learning tools and an opportunity to explore foods around the world.

“This year we are introducing VCE Units 1 & 2 Food Studies that provides students with a hands-on, highly practical subject. It covers the origins of food around the world and Australia, looks at Australia’s food systems and the science of food and healthy food choices, and it also looks at food challenges in the future,” says Dr Merinda Bermingham, Head of Teaching & Learning (Senior School).

Launching start-ups and becoming changemakers

Anna says Haileybury’s work is never done in improving learning experiences for students and this year the school will continue to focus on attracting ‘brilliant’ teachers.

“We need to be innovative to attract and develop brilliant teachers because they have such a significant impact on the outcomes and care of our students”
Anna Sever, Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning)

Entrepreneurship opportunities will continue to inspire students to be creative problem-solvers.

Year 8 students will be encouraged to turn an adventurous business idea into reality through Haileybury’s entrepreneurial Start Up program. Year 9 students can choose the Social Impact Ventures initiative that encourages them to become change makers and to take on projects that protect the planet and have a positive impact on their community.

“Students work in teams to positively impact their chosen social cause — such as education, health, climate change and environmental protection — by creating an enterprise or social change movement of their own,” says Anna.

At Haileybury, 2024 promises to be another year of asking questions, exploring, being inspired by the activities and ideas of some of the world’s best organisations, and constantly assessing how the world is changing and how the needs of students are evolving.