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Why you need to get your child on a school waitlist early

Finding school enrolment challenging? Unsure what and when to start? This article shares the tips and tricks you need to know to give your child the best education available.

NEWS 23 Jan 2024

Getting your child into a good school can be a stressful, confusing process — but it does not need to be. If you know the admissions date and you are familiar with the school’s process it can be straightforward and stress free.

To help make the process easier we have answered a few frequently asked questions about when and how to enrol your child.

When is the best time to get my child on a waitlist?

If your child is starting primary school at Haileybury they will need to be five years old by 31 January in the year that they are starting. In government schools the child must be five years old by 20 April in the year that they are applying. The best time to get your child on a waitlist will depend on what type of school you are enrolling for.

  • If your child is enrolling at a government school, you will be able to enrol your child for the 2025 year from Monday 15 April 2024. Students must be enrolled in school by the age of six.
  • If you are enrolling your child in a private school like Haileybury it is always best to enrol as far in advance of intake years as possible. Applications for Enrolment are accepted from the date of birth of your child.

Intake years at Haileybury Brighton, City and Keysborough are Reception (3-year-old kindergarten) and Years 5, 7 and 10 (Haileybury Berwick intake years are Reception and Years 5 and 10). Brighton also has a Prep intake. All other year levels are non-intake years, and places are only awarded based on student movement.

How do I apply for a school?

Enrolling at most private schools involves filling out a simple application form. You can submit an enrolment application at a Haileybury school online — click here to get started.

Before you begin, make sure you have certain documentation including:

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate (if the application is for a newborn child, a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be provided by 6 months of age).
  • A copy of the student’s passport and visa documentation (if not an Australian Citizen).
  • Legal documents relating to the childcare and/or custody of the student (if applicable).

What happens next?

At Haileybury, waitlist applicants are ordered by date of application for each year level and campus, with priority given to siblings of current students and children of old Haileyburians.

From 24 months before commencement of the school year applied for, Haileybury Admissions will contact families who are next on the waitlist and invite prospective students for interviews, and testing for Senior School enrolments. If students are successful and an offer is made, you will be sent documentation to accept the position.

Enrolling in schools can be time consuming but if you are prepared and choose a school early, your experience should be stress-free. If you are interested in putting your child on the Haileybury waitlist, it is a great idea to attend a school tour to help you make your decision.

Families can contact Haileybury Admissions at any time to discuss their child’s application for enrolment.