All Shook Up

A reflection by the Castlefield Drama Captains Hattie and Riley.

The process of making All Shook Up into an amazing production took eight months of hard work and effort. The very first step was the auditions. There were separate auditions for the chorus and lead roles. Everyone tried their best and we could not have been more privileged to be chosen to work with such an incredible bunch of people.

After the audition process, it was a series of whole cast rehearsals on Mondays, lead role rehearsals on Fridays and additional lunchtime rehearsals during the week. Piece by piece, we put together the vibrant musical numbers and blocked out the scenes one by one. This formed the basis for our show. From then on, it was all about refining our performance and making All Shook Up the best it could be.

We worked on making our characters believable and setting the right mood for our fabulous 1950s based storyline, all while chanting our main mantra - Bigger, Better, Stronger! As the weeks went by, the cast began to become bigger, louder and better at singing and making all the scenes stand out. Week by week I could see friendships bonding between kids that would never be friends if it weren't for the musical; year 5 boys being friends with year 7 girls, year 6 boys making friends with year 8 boys – it was just great.

As Term 2 came to an end, the costumes and props were finalised and the show started to come together as a whole. Opening night came around with immense hype and the whole cast was feeling the nervous. It was clearly good nerves and energy as everyone sung and acted their hearts out that the cast even surprised themselves. Scenes that we couldn't exactly nail in rehearsal like the well-known 'Can't Help Falling in Love' and 'All Shook Up' were unbelievable. The second and third night were just like the first – only more energetic each night, with better moves, bigger reactions and louder, prouder singing.

We are continually amazed at how far this cast has come to produce this amazing performance. We appreciate all the hard work, time and dedication from all involved and would like to formally thank the fantastic crew that helped create and shape this show. We as a cast are immensely proud.