Athletics Champions!

Some 40 Haileybury athletes competed in more than 120 events at the Victorian All School Championships. The program was packed with magenta and black.

Countless personal bests and 49 top eight finishes made for an exciting meet, and Haileybury has six new Victorian champions across 10 events.

It was an incredible meet for our athletes that reflected their continued hard work and training under the guidance of School and personal coaches.

Gold medals

Mia Scerri (Year 8)—Under-14 Long Jump, Discus, 400 m, High JumpJesse McKenna (Year 11)—Under-18 100 m
Amy Bunnage (Year 8)—Under-14 1500 m 
Lucinda Rourke (Year 9)—Under-15 800 m and 1500 m 
Khoeby Holohan (Year 11)—Under-18 200 m 
Montana Green (Year 12)—Under-20 Pole Vault 

Silver medals

Amy Bunnage (Year 8)—Under-14 800 mJack Mogensen (Year 9)—Under-15 Javelin
Josie Lawton (Year 8)—Under-15 200 m HurdlesTom Wilcock (Year 8) – Under-15 800 m
Aranya Manchanayake (Year 7)—Under-14 Pole Vault 
Khoeby Holohan (Year 11)—Under-18 100 m 
Kiyani Sydnor (Year 9)—Under-16 200 m 

Bronze medals

Aranya Manchanayake (Year 7)—Under-14 80 m HurdlesEthan Harris (Year 9)—Under-15 400 m and 100 m Hurdles
Khoeby Holohan (Year 11)—Under-18 Long JumpJesse McKenna(Year 11)—Under-18 200 m
Kiyani Sydnor (Year 9)—Under-16 100 m 
Bianca Scerri (Year 10)—Under-17 2000 m Steeplechase