Back to Basics for the Best Results

Mastering the basics is crucial in education.

At Haileybury, providing a strong grounding in skills such as literacy and numeracy is vital. This allows our students to thrive in all subjects, which leads to exceptional academic results.

To provide the best possible start, our innovative Explicit Teaching Model ensures that Junior School students engage and retain as much information as possible.

A grounding in explicit instruction prepares students for parallel education, where they learn in single-gender classes from Years 5 to 12. This minimises distraction and allows students of all genders to mix in the School grounds.

A Solid Foundation

CEO|Principal Mr Derek Scott says this ‘back-to-basics’ approach is more important than ever as Australia slides in international education rankings.

“Students who are proficient in Spelling, Reading, Writing Comprehension and Mathematics are better equipped to learn in all subjects and to function successfully in the community,” he says.

“Skills such as communication, teamwork, relationship management, flexibility, resilience, creativity, empathy, sociability, social cultural awareness and social platform skills have always been and remain important in modern education and the workforce.”

Outstanding Academic Results

The 2018 OECD Programme for International Student Assessment of 15-year-olds (PISA) saw Australia plunge to 29th of 79 countries or regions in Mathematics literacy and 16th in Reading literacy. When PISA started in 2003, Australia was in the top 10 in both categories.

In contrast, Haileybury’s relentless focus on core skills, hard work and great systems have seen our academic results climb over the past 10 years.

Haileybury students perform in Mathematics at a level three to four years above their Australian peers and equal with the world’s best. Our Year 5 Mathematics result is just behind the Year 9 Australian average.

The chart below shows our Mathematics average at Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, and the national average.

MATHEMATICS: NAPLANHaileybury AverageAustralian Average
Year 3506408
Year 5585494
Year 7652548
Year 9688596

Hard Work Brings Rewards

Mr Scott says that in his experience as an educator and a principal of 12 years, successful education must begin with a solid foundation in basic subjects such as Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

“Our NAPLAN results … underscore the School’s focus on basic skills and hard work,” he says. “A strong academic program and refusal to be side-tracked by excuses or fads is paying off.

“It is also the result, across all year levels, of exceptional focused teaching from dedicated professionals committed to driving strong student outcomes. When this is backed up by strong family support for student education outcomes the results can be exceptional.”