Best Professional Learning Program Award

Supporting Staff to Support Students

To achieve Haileybury's Mission, which aims to develop high-achieving students who are connected globally, to their communities and to each other, we must have the best teachers. And we do.

Australia’s Best Professional Learning Program, overseen by Dr Stephan Muller, was recognised for hiring great people and offering every possible support and development opportunity so they can reach their potential and deliver the strongest outcomes for students.

Our Professional Learning Program covers all aspects of good teaching, from the latest classroom strategies to curriculum development, collaboration, leadership and pastoral care. Among other things, it provides mentoring, peer review, education and travel opportunities, seminars, technical training and wellbeing support.

We ensure that our teachers are supported by programs that develop and enhance personal and professional skills, while celebrating their diversity and individuality. We also fund external professional learning providers, keynote speakers, training and further study.

At any one time, Haileybury supports teaching staff to complete a postgraduate degree (Masters and PhDs) currently ranging from International Curriculum Development to Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Assessment, Music Education and Student Wellbeing.

We are also a hub for inter-school collaboration and learning. The Haileybury Institute, for example, offers professional development to our teachers and others at more than 140 schools nationally.

Haileybury’s focus for all aspects of the professional learning programs is to improve teacher quality and through this to lift students' outcomes.

The evidence is that it is working.