Best Questions to Ask on a School Tour

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions parents will make in their lifetime. All children have different needs and some may require a different style of learning to help them thrive.

Private school tours and open mornings are great opportunities to learn more about a potential school and discover what makes their academic program and school culture unique.

Taking a tour of Haileybury is the best way to experience the School first-hand, meet teachers and students and ask important questions. School Tours take place once each term at Berwick Campus, Brighton Campus, Keysborough Campus and City Campus.

This is a great time to ask important questions and discuss aspects of school life with teachers and school leaders.

So what questions should you ask on a School Tour? Well, it all comes down to what your child needs and your values. What is important to you and your child?

Campus Heads and Teachers:

Take this opportunity to discuss the School’s vision or mission with campus heads and teachers. This will tell you a lot about the School culture, community and values.

Haileybury’s vision is ‘to be recognised as a great world school’ which is supported by the mission to develop high-achieving students who are connected globally, to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they serve.

“How does the School’s ethos align with you and your family?”


If student leaders or volunteers are on campus to assist with tours, ask them about their experiences at the School.

What are their favourite classes? Are they involved in the Arts, Sport or other co-curricular activities like public speaking, clubs or social justice? This will provide great insight into what the School can offer students and how they make the most of those opportunities.

Haileybury students have many opportunities to explore different interests such as music lessons, performing arts, sport teams and educational extension programs.

Schools play an essential role in supporting student wellbeing and optimising academic and social development. Co-curricular activities like these provide a creative outlet and a chance to make strong connections with friends and teachers.

“What do students love about their school?”

Innovations and Technology:

Technology is changing the way we connect and learn. Online learning has become a big part of educating today’s students and it is important that schools keep up with modern technology and ideas.

Haileybury has a strong focus on innovation, working with leading educators to bring new technology and ideas to its students. HaileyburyX, a new catalogue of online courses for teachers, parents and students from pre-school to Year 12, offers micro-learning experiences in a range of subjects that extends and complements the curriculum.

The workforce is continuing to evolve and jobs will likely look very different when your child graduates. Be assured that your chosen school meets your child’s needs and will help them navigate future career paths.

Enquire about how technology is incorporated into the curriculum and if learning extends beyond the classroom.

“Is the School prioritising innovation for their students?”


  1. What curriculum does the School use?
  2. What is the class size?
  3. What is the School’s position on bullying and student discipline?
  4. Do teachers have opportunities for professional development and collaboration?
  5. Is there support available for student welfare and mental health?
  6. How does the School incorporate physical health?
  7. What co-curricular activities are offered?
  8. Are there leadership opportunities for students?
  9. Do students have access to the latest education technology?
  10. How does the School communicate with parents to keep them informed?

The next Haileybury School Tours will be conducted on Saturday, 1 August 2020.

Click here to register for a session starting at 9.00 am, 10.00 am or 11.00 am at the City, Keysborough, Brighton or Berwick campus.

Haileybury is committed to public safety with heightened cleaning, hygiene and social distancing practices in relation to COVID-19 guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you!