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Carrie Wins Gold at Youth Commonwealth Games

Carrie Van Rensburg (Year 12) has brought home Gold from the 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games held in the Bahamas last month.

Carrie and her playing partner Rebecca won against New Zealand 21-13, dominating the game from start to finish.

They complete the tournament unbeaten and didn’t drop a single set throughout the games.

“Going into the match Bec and I were very nervous, we had watched the Kiwis throughout the tournament and knew they would be our toughest rivals.

Before our game Bec and I went to the locker room and told each other exactly what we are going to do: be aggressive, be loud and be present.

Once we got into our warm up all the nerves had disappeared and we were ready to play from the first touch of the ball.”

Carrie explained how there are always ups and downs throughout a tournament, “some games were better than others but for the most part I am happy with my consistency.”

“I knew if I was confident my skills would follow, so it was more trying to get my mind-set in the right place more than anything.”

The Volleyball guns have been training for the Youth Commonwealth Games for a year now, “gold was always our goal and its awesome that we were able to achieve it.”

Carrie explained that now the Games are over, she needs to focus on finishing Year 12, but after completing her studies she is looking to go to Europe to play on the tour.

“I just want to get as many different experiences playing as possible and what’s better than on the different beaches of Europe!”