CEO | Principal Keynote Speaker for Vertical Schools

Vertical schools are a phenomenon that certainly have the nation talking!

On Friday 16th November our CEO | Principal, Derek Scott presented as the keynote speaker at the Association for Learning Environments 6th Annual Regional Day Out.

It was a pleasure for him to share the story of Haileybury City, Victoria’s first vertical school, with delegates from around Australasia exploring the ‘rise and rise’ of inner urban learning.

Held at Melbourne’s Arts Center they set out to discuss strategies that can best support learning in Australia’s largest cities and regional towns given the increased presence of higher education and corporate learning settings in inner urban areas.

With rapid urban intensification placing pressure on educational facilities, the knowledge that can be gained from initiatives such as our own within inner Melbourne, is invaluable information.

Principal Scott gave his insights into current and future best-practice thinking from his expertise in the full development of Haileybury city.

Delegates were inspired by his experience in creating a model inner urban learning community at a time where intensely populated areas must deal with so many complexities in doing so.

The strategies discussed for embedding and operating schools in high density areas, as well as how to successfully operate them amidst urban life was invaluable information for the delegates and will undoubtedly make a mark on the future.