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Crafted to Perfection

Frazer Crowe (OH 2016) won the Australian Wood Review Award for ‘best hand skills’ in recognition of his wooden kayak masterpiece.

It took just over a year for Frazer to complete his 5.3-meter kayak which he created as part of his Year 12 Product Design and Technology course.

Frazer explained the unique construction method is called strip planking, whereby wood strips are cut and routed to form interlocking planks. “The client, my father, is very pleased with the finished product.”

“The tortoise emblem on the hull represents a slow and steady motion as well as an enjoyable ride.” He said.

Frazer’s teacher Stephen Hughes, Head of Technology and Design, discussed how he was extremely proud of how Frazer thoroughly owned and immersed himself in every detail of the design process for his kayak.

“It’s so pleasing that his efforts have now received such an honourable award by the judges of the Australian Wood Review Student Awards." Stephen said.

Stephen boasted how Fraser's superbly crafted kayak has definitely set a bench mark for shear scale, complexity and time spent designing and building a product.

Frazer working on his masterpiece.

Frazer with teacher Stephen Hughes, Head of Technology and Design.

Frazer putting his creation to the test.