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Docklands Girl

Haileybury City student, Aria Pirois (Prep) was thrilled to bring her special storybook, Docklands Girl, to school and share this exciting news with the Haileybury community. The book, which she created with her mother, is about all the reasons why she loves Melbourne and what a beautiful place it is to live.

The writing of Docklands Girls only took a few days for Aria and Tamara although there was plenty of editing and tweaking once the story was illustrated.

There’s a mixture of elements that are featured in the book: the very unique neighbourhood, multiculturalism and the ways elements of two very different backgrounds show up in Aria's life.

Aria’s mother Tamara said “Having moved around a lot growing up, and going to international schools, I've always loved the way cultures come together and create the most interesting traditions and routines.”

“Aria has loved making books with me since she was very little; probably because I've worked in book publishing since she was born.

She often says she wants to make books with me when she grows up.”

The family love walking absolutely everywhere and having conveniences only a couple of minutes away. “Docklands Library and Docklands Park are two of our favourite spaces and five years after living in Docklands, we're still thrilled that they're both on our street.” Tamara said.

“Aria is definitely a city girl and a big walker - she has grown up walking and riding her bike to daycare and now school and isn't a big fan of the car at all!”

A copy of Docklands Girl will be available on Amazon, Kindle and in hard copy this month.