Exploring Nature Through Art

Creating a Buzz

The ability to represent real life objects or living things through drawings requires observation, reflection and calls up knowledge of what is being represented.

Children in Edrington’s ELC are benefiting from the opportunity to explore and develop these skills in class.

Drawing provides opportunities to develop fine motor skills and enhance creativity and self-expression.

It also allows children to develop observational skills, the ability to focus and concentrate on a specific task and use detail and precision in their drawings.

“It has yellow and black stripes, a big head, a stinger, six legs and one body. It uses the stinger to get enemies away.” —Asher Batty (ELC)

The students have been learning all about bees and their physical characteristics. They have also been learning the correct names for different parts of the bee’s body and detailed them on their drawings.

“The bee has a stinger, three body parts and four wings. The honey bee has fur and the bumblebee has stripes on his body.” —Kevin Shi (ELC)

Seeing Familiar Objects in a New Light

Students in the Junior School have also been experimenting with transient art as they create ‘Leaf Men’ out of found materials. This is a constantly evolving, non-permanent way for children to develop their creativity and imagination.

Working in this way allows children to experiment and manipulate various materials, problem solve and think divergently as they use familiar objects in new and interesting ways.

Students Shine in House Drawing Competition

Edrington’s Junior School House Captains held a House Drawing Competition as their Term 2 House Event. Students were asked again to look to nature and send a picture they had drawn of their favourite animal to earn 10 House points.

Sienna McPherson (Year 4)

Each grade then had a winner who earned 50 points for their House. We had many wonderful entries as you can see below. The winning House, Campbell, was declared ‘Artists of 2020’.

Hanmo Fang (Year 2)