F1 World Final

The F1 in Schools Entente team finished 12th in the World Finals held this week in Singapore.

The team also had the 10th fastest car in the competition and highly commended Engineering Portfolios and Sponsorship Platforms.

Entente is a collaboration team created after the Australian National Finals when Ignite Racing from Haileybury and Xeno Motion from Methodist Ladies' College merged to form one team to represent Australia.

Going into this competition, Entente’s main objective was to evolve the way they compete on the global stage - challenge the norm and redefine the competition.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the Entente Team - made up of three Haileybury students Tom Vulcan, Jun Fu & Ajurna Sanjayan - had to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Working closely with their MLC team mates, the boys reviewed previous mistakes to improve their work and collaborated closely with one another under stressful competition conditions.

This was Haileybury’s very first attempt at this program and it has been an amazing journey. The students are keen to bring everything they have learnt back to Haileybury so that our upcoming F1 in Schools teams can continue to improve.

The team thanks the generosity of the Haileybury community who have sponsored the team, as well as our supervising teachers Mr Mathew Shill & Mr Gerry O’Dwyer.