Haileybury Students Spread the Love

Two thoughtful Haileybury students are sourcing hand-written letters and artwork to brighten the days of nursing home residents unable to have visitors.

Jocelyn Na and Cindy Vu, Co-Captains of the Haileybury Social Justice Club, started POSTCODE – LOVE to receive and send letters and art to elderly residents who are in lockdown due to the COVID-19 situation.

The initiative is asking people to draw a piece of artwork or handwrite an encouraging letter for a resident of an aged-care home and spread some love in this tough time.

When Jocelyn and Cindy emailed students in their year level announcing their plan, the response was immediate. They have already received more than 100 letters from fellow students in both Middle and Senior School. This has allowed them to send beautiful pictures and heartfelt letters to residents of several local age-care facilities.

“Many age-care homes have gone on lockdown (NO visitors and NO outside contact) and this can be a really hard and lonely time for the elderly people :(,” the girls wrote.

“NOW is the perfect time to show some kindness and do something that will make someone smile! It really is that simple to spread some love in this tough time and truly make someone’s day.”

Jocelyn and Cindy are not only hoping for other schools to get on board, but for all Australians to reach out to the elderly community and offer support in anyway possible.

“Knowing that there are people who are lonely and unable to be in contact with loved ones, Postcode Love is hoping to be a form of comfort during an incredibly difficult time,” explains Cindy.

Postcode Love is about showing the elderly in our communities that you care about them. It only takes five minutes of your time to make someone’s day,” adds Jocelyn.

Haileybury is incredibly proud of Jocelyn and Cindy for starting this initiative and for being such exemplary members of the community.

All Haileybury students are encouraged to engage in its Social Justice Program, which is at the heart of the School’s mission to develop high-achieving students who are connected globally to each other and the communities in which they will serve.

The Social Justice Club supports the Salvation Army Christmas Toy Drive and Winter Food Drive, Clean Up Australia Day, Lunch with OHA Vietnam veterans, Walk for Justice for Refugees and climate change initiatives. Students can also develop their own projects, like Jocelyn and Cindy have.

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